Philadelphia Billboard Part Of National Happiness Campaign To Create Giant Smile Over U.S.The Joy Team says the Philadelphia billboard will be located on Ridge Avenue about 30 feet north of Walnut Lane and will read, “Life loves you. Just the way you are.”
Mood Influences Health
Forever YoungYour happiness and health rely on a multitude of things. Physical activity, positive mind-set and sleep are just a few of those vital factors.
Getting Along With People Is Good For Your HealthA new report out of Oregon found that getting along with others is good for your health in both the short run and the long term.
Moodies Emotions Analytics AppSometimes you just don't know how you feel. Moodies Emotions Analytics can help with that.
Why Is Denmark So Happy? Genes, Study SaysA new study out of the U.K. claims genetics might determine a country’s collective happiness.
Some Other Countries Happier, HealthierWhen it comes to overall health, we could learn a thing or two from other countries. Many of these nations trump the US in life expectancy.
Survey: Most Say Peak Of Success At Work In The Future, But Happiest Age In The PastIt seems success in the workplace is always just around the corner.
Graduates From Elite Colleges Are Not More Satisfied Or More SuccessfulA new survey of college graduates found that "highly selective schools don't produce happier people or better workers..." but there is one thing that does make a difference.
To Spoon Or Not To Spoon: What Does Your Sleep Position Say About Your Relationship?Prefer to cuddle or need your space? Turns out the way you sleep with your partner could be about more than just comfort.
Study: Happy Employees Are More ProductiveThat’s the latest research from the University of Warwick in the United Kingdom, which found that happier people were 12% more productive on the job.