Retail Store, Social Network Put New Spin On Couponing In an attempt to reinvent the "couponing" wheel Target and Facebook have collaborated to launch 700 new offers with a social twist.
3 On Your Side: Daily Deal FatigueEveryone loves a bargain, but at what point do you say enough is enough? Daily deals, once the best thing to land in our email, are now filling our inboxes faster than we can hit delete.
Doctors Using Coupon Websites To Attract New PatientsIf you don't have health insurance -- or don't have good coverage -- one answer could be a click away.
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Stigall Show Log 11.4.11Chris recounts his experience judging a hoagie contest, he talks to Steve Cordasco about the Greek Bailout and Jon Corzine resigning from MF Global, and Beasley Reece on Monday Night's showdown between the Eagles and Bears.
3-On Your Side: Save InstantlySo have you ever gotten your Group-on? Groupon is a daily deal offered each day via e-mail that offers savings of 50% or more on products and services.
3-On Your Side: Reselling GrouponsThey're some of the most popular ways people are getting big discount deals on everything from spa treatments to eating out. But what if you buy into a deal and then change your mind or you're running out of time to use it?
Liquor Control Board Says Half-Off Internet Sales Can't Include BoozeFolks who sign up for "half-off" discount programs at local eateries offered by CBS Philly, Group-on and other organizations should know that under Pennsylvania law, alcoholic beverages don't qualify for the discount. is like Groupon for high-quality wines. The more people sign up for a bottle (or two), the better it works.