Another Top State Official Resigns In Midst Of Porn Office Email ScandalA second Pennsylvania state official has stepped down in the wake of the scandal surrounding some pornographic emails exchanged among a number of state officials.
New Bill Intends To Give Drug Overdose 'Good Samaritan' ImmunityGov. Corbett is expected to sign a bill intended to prevent deaths from drug overdoses by giving a break to family members or companions who assist victims.
Project HOME’s Latest Project Brings Homes And Opportunities To ChinatownOfficials say most low-income families can't afford the rent in Center City.
US Approves Pennsylvania Medicaid Plan A half-million more low-income Pennsylvanians are in line to get federally funded health insurance after the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services approved the state's plan,
SRC Scheduled To Make Announcement Friday About Future Of Cash-Strapped School DistrictThe School Reform Commission and Superintendent William Hite are scheduled to make an announcement Friday about the future of the cash-strapped school district.
PA Senate Mulls Lawsuit Over Corbett VetoesWhile the US House has voted to sue President Obama for allegedly overstepping is authority, Governor Corbett could find himself in the same situation - as the target of a lawsuit brought by a state Senate controlled by his own Republican party.
Corbett Says Flood of Immigrants Pose Health Risk to AmericansCorbett says one of his main concerns is the health risks that may be posed by the children.
Corbett’s Legislative Strategy In QuestionGovernor Tom Corbett’s strategy of dealing with the legislature is being scrutinized after his decision to veto part of the new state budget riled leaders of his own party.
Medical Marijuana Advocates Push For Vote In PennsylvaniaAbout two dozen mothers, grandmothers, nurses and small children are in the Pennsylvania Capitol to ask state senators to advance medical marijuana legislation.
Corbett Pushes For Pension Reform As Budget Bill Remains UnsignedGovernor Corbett says he’s not linking the budget to pension reform, but again calls for action on that issue
Statewide Poll Released In Pa. Could Have Implications On Current Budget CrisisThe state budget crisis is in full swing as a new Franklin and Marshall College poll is released by Terry Madonna, talk about timing.