Circle The Dot AppCircle the Dot is a game of luck, not skill. And that feels as if the developer is cheating a bit.
Modern Combat 5: Blackout AppCall of Duty hasn't had a lot of luck in the mobile world, but that's ok - because Modern Combat has filled the hole.
Star Wars: Commander AppYou can't help but get a Clash of Clans vibe from Star Wars: Commander. But, that's hardly a bad thing.
Swing Copters AppUntil now, Flappy Bird has been the master of gaming frustration, but Swing Copters raises the bar.
PlunderNauts AppPlunderNauts is a game that doesn't take itself too seriously.
Mission: G-RokThis is a straight forward platform game that looks to Sonic and Rayman for inspiration.
A Dark Room AppA Dark Room uses a very old-school text-based interface and relies on the strength of its story, player curiosity, and imagination to tell its tale.
Blek AppPart of what makes Blek so appealing is its apparent simplicity - but it quickly becomes a complicated game, and that's what keeps you playing.
Blek AppThis is an uncomplicated, uncluttered game that understands that less can be a whole lot more.
Two Dots AppCharm is sometimes hard to find in games, but TwoDots pulls it off. With a minimalist play style, it's both challenging - and inviting.
Geometry Dash AppThere aren't many games that will divide people as quickly as Geometry Dash. Some will love it. Others will be frustrated by it.
God Of Light AppGod of Light offers a new take on physics-driven games by tasking players to aim beams of light onto different mirrors to make them reach their destination.
Residents Rally In Protest Of 29 Percent Property Tax Hike In Atlantic City With Air Show planes soaring overhead a group of local residents protesting a property tax hike held up signs Wednesday on the Atlantic City Boardwalk.
Video Games Impact Kids' SocializationI think we are all in agreement that too much time spent playing video games is a bad thing for kids, but what about a few hours a week?
Thomas Was Alone AppWith its deceptively simple appearance, the Thomas Was Alone game has soul -- delivered through a wonderful narration.