Poll: Americans Want More Women In Political OfficeThe government would do a better job if there were more female leaders in place, most Americans say.
Survey: Majority Of Americans Feel Religion Is The Answer To All Of Today's ProblemsGallup says that percentage is actually down – way down – since the 1950s, when 82% said religion was the solution to the problems of the era.
Poll: Best Thing About Potential Hillary Clinton Presidency Is That She's A WomanIf Hillary Clinton were to win the White House in 2016, the best thing about it wouldn’t be her intelligence, experience or even her proximity to Bill.
Health & Fitness Survey Drops Some Heavy News On Delawareans Less than a week after Delaware was ranked one of the fattest states, a new Gallup poll is offering insight into why.
Report: Pennsylvanians Still Tipping The ScalesIn the latest Gallup poll on obesity, Pennsylvania ranked the 18th fattest state. Just over 28% of the state’s population is classified as obese.
Report: Pa. Ranks Low When It Comes To Residents' Well-being Want to feel healthy and happy? Move to North Dakota. Or South Dakota.
Poll: Number Of Americans Identifying As 'Independents' Hits Record HighA record number of Americans are identifying politically as “Independents”…and a record <em>low</em> number say they’re Republicans.
Poll: 40% Of Americans Report Getting Less Than 7 Hours Of Sleep Per NightIf getting more sleep is one of your New Year’s resolutions for 2014, you’re not alone.
Poll: 15% Of Women Feel They've Been Denied A Promotion Due To GenderGender bias at work is a hot topic , but a new poll shows that most women don’t feel that it affects them in terms of raises and promotions.
Poll: Most Americans Say They'd Keep Working Even If They Won MillionsThat’s the takeaway from a new Gallup poll, which revealed that two-thirds of American workers would continue toiling away even if they won $10 million in the lottery.
Poll: Gov. Christie's Favorability Rating Higher Among Democrats Than Republicans The Gallup poll was conducted from June 1-4 and assessed the image of five Republicans who could run for President in the next election.