Weight Loss Program Email Sparks Outrage At Local CollegeWhile the college has apologized, they say the program is in its third year and some students have decided to take advantage of it.
Stretching Critical Part Of Exercise RoutineStretching can be a very important part of exercising and is best done after you have loosened up a bit.
Women Should Lift WeightsThere was a time when women were told not to lift weights. That can be forgotten.
Household Chores Have Health BenefitAccording to a new study, even light physical activity around the home reduces the risk for disability in older adults.
Guide To The 2014 Philadelphia MarathonThe Philadelphia Marathon is back in 2014, and there are more than 50,000 spectators, 30,000 runners and 2,500 volunteers expected to descend on the City of Brotherly Love.
The Best Pace For A Healthy WalkPeople should be walking 3,000 steps in 30 minutes to get meaningful exercise from walking.
Runtastic Six Pack AppRuntastic Six-Pack is an abdominal training program that walks you through over 50 workouts - from crunches to core twists - with adjustable difficulty.
Five Steps To Reducing Risk Of Stroke In WomenA study of over 32,000 women has been released that takes a look at what can be done to reduce the incidence of stroke.
Get In Shape For Summer All WinterYou have six months before April 15. If you start to exercise and diet now, you'll be feeling more fit by bathing suit season.
Run Keeper AppRunKeeper is a tremendous tool for people who are trying to get or stay fit, monitoring the distance you move, the calories you burn and much more.
Breeze AppThere's another way to keep up with your daily movements besides owning a fitness band - and it's a breeze!
Best Way To Walk Off WeightWhat leads to greater weight loss in patients rehabbing from a cardiac injury, daily long-distance walking or walking short distances at a brisk pace?
Yoga And Meditation Have Broad Range Of Health BenefitsIf you have a chronic illness there is no doubt that yoga and meditation can help you feel better.
Taking 5-Minute Walks Every Hour Could Counteract Damage Done By SittingLet’s face it: Sitting all day is terrible for you.
3 Local Organizations Want You To Run To Work This SeptemberBe Well Philly, Run215 and Philadelphia Runner have created “Run to Work Day Philly,” and they’re asking commuters to lace up their sneakers and pound the pavement instead of walking, biking, driving or taking mass transit to work.