South Jersey First Responders Train To Speed Up Mass Casualty Response TimesInstead of waiting for police to officially secure a scene, it's a coordinated effort between law enforcement and EMS, as played out during one of the simulations.
Camden County First Responders To Get On-The-Job Health ScreeningsThe idea is to diagnose any potential health problems in first responders before they’re called out on a job.
First Responders File Lawsuit In Paulsboro Train DerailmentFifteen first responders have filed a lawsuit claiming Conrail was negligent in the aftermath of a train derailment and chemical spill in southern New Jersey last year.
Seminar Teaches Area First Responders How To Deal With People On Autism SpectrumNHS Human Services, a Montgomery County social services agency, has teamed up with members of law enforcement to develop a training seminar to educate first responders on how to deal with people who are on the autism spectrum.
Montgomery County Volunteer Fire Department To Collect Donations For Boston Victims The Worcester Volunteer Fire Department has announced that it will be accepting donation for Boston bombing victims during their 13th annual 5k run.
Camden County 911 System Receives Major UpgradeYou might not hear the difference on the phone, but 9-1-1 in Camden County has gotten a major upgrade.
First Responders Still Haunted By Death Of Toddler With Drain CleanerThe victim's family testified on the impact of the loss at the hands of the 36-year-old neighbor and family friend, but the judge also heard from first responders who are still affected.
New Law Includes Legislation Sparked By Bucks County First ResponderPresident Obama has signed into law a defense spending bill that includes legislation that was sparked by the untimely death of a first responder in Bucks County.
Museum Of Art Offers Free Admission To First RespondersIn honor of the Philadelphia Museum of Art's newest exhibit, they're offering free admission to first responders and their families for the next week.
'Chemical Suicides' Also a Hazmat Danger For RespondersDelaware County authorities recently dealt with one such case in which the suicide victim even set up warning signs around a tent where he inhaled the hydrogen sulfide gas he had released inside of it.
Philadelphia Firefighters Get Advice In Avoiding An Occupational Hazard: SuicideMembers of the Philadelphia Fire Department are getting an opportunity this week to attend a seminar about avoiding the danger of suicide among first responders.