FCC Votes To Approve 'Net Neutrality' Rules Reclassifying Internet As Public UtilityThe Federal Communications Commission says city-owned broadband companies can expand and compete with commercial Internet providers.
Pres. Obama Says FCC Should Force Internet Providers to Maintain 'Net Neutrality'President Obama is taking a stand on Internet "toll roads," and Comcast and other cable companies don't like it one bit.
Net Neutrality -- The New Major Issue Before The FCC More people are getting their feelings about net neutrality off their chests than the wardrobe malfunction in the Super Bowl a decade ago
Internet Sites Stage Slowdown Campaign For Equal Transmission RulesYou might see a few extra hourglasses or spinning wheels while browsing the web today. It's not a sign the sites are slower -- it's a protest designed to fight for the Internet rule known as "net neutrality."
FCC Boss Defends Proposed Rule Canceling Internet 'Neutrality'"Reports that we're gutting the open Internet are incorrect," said FCC chairman Tom Wheeler to the annual gathering of the National Cable and Telecommunications Association.
FCC Divided on 'Net Neutrality' EnforcementThe Federal Communications Commission says it will not appeal a court decision that limits its power to prevent Internet providers from slowing down web sites.
Local Congressman Seeks Answers On Future Of Recently Sold South Jersey TV StationCongressman Frank LoBiondo wants some answers from the FCC about the recently completed sale of WMGM-TV in Atlantic City.
FCC To Revisit Decades-Old Ban on In-Flight Cell CallingBut even before the decision, lawmakers -- including a Pennsylvania Republican -- are moving to block in-flight yapping.
Prison Phone Calls, Financial Burden To Prisoners' Families, Get FCC ReviewThe Federal Communications Commission is currently soliciting public comment on a proposal to reduce the cost of phone calls prisoners make to their families in another state.
Google Fined $25,000 For Impeding FCC's Probe of Wi-Fi Sniffing CaseThe federal government is forcing Google to cough up $25,000 in fines following an investigation into how it collected piles of personal information, like e-mails, from wireless networks.
CBS Off The Hook For Infamous Super Bowl 'Wardrobe Malfunction'The Federal Communications Commission is now considering whether to appeal a federal court ruling yesterday that CBS cannot be fined for Janet Jackson's notorious "wardrobe malfunction" during the 2004 Super Bowl.