FDA Issues Warning Of Deadly Cancer Linked To Breast ImplantsThe FDA is warning about a deadly cancer linked to breast implants.
FDA Considering Drugs To Help Kids Quit VapingAccording to the FDA, vaping has increased 80 percent among high schoolers and 50 percent among middle schoolers.
FDA Warns Certain Antibiotics May Cause Serious Heart DamageThe drugs may cause aortic aneurysm, a bulge in an artery that can grow and burst, causing dangerous or fatal bleeding.
8 Dog Food Brands Recalled For Potentially Harmful Levels Of Vitamin DIs your dog safe?
US Health Officials Say It's OK To Eat Some Romaine Again. Just Check The LabelIt's OK to eat some romaine lettuce again, U.S. health officials said. Just check the label.
FDA: California Could Be Source Of Romaine Lettuce Tainted With E. coliInvestigators tracking the E. coli outbreak linked to romaine lettuce are now looking at California as the possible source. The outbreak has sickened 32 people in 11 states, including New Jersey -- since October.
'Nothing Short Of An Epidemic': FDA Set To Ban Sale Of E-Cigarettes, Vapes In Convenience Stores, Gas StationsThe crackdown comes as federal health officials say flavored E-cigarettes can be very addictive and they've become hugely popular with minors. 
Blood Pressure Drug Recalled For Possible Life-Threatening Label ErrorA potentially life-threatening label mix-up has led to a nationwide recall of a high blood pressure medication, according to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.
King Bio Expands Recall To All Water-Based Meds For Kids And AdultsIn a statement on the company's website on Aug. 27, King Bio announced that over 50 products were being voluntarily recalled over concerns of "water-purity issues."
Chester County Coroner Links 2 Deaths To Herbal SupplementThe supplement, kratom, is banned in some states and the FDA has expressed concerns about it.
FDA Addresses EpiPen Shortage By Extending Expiration Date On Some InjectorsThe EpiPen has been on the FDA's drug shortages list since May due to supply disruptions and manufacturing issues.
FDA Recalls 2 Thyroid Medications Made By Chinese ManufacturerThe FDA has issued a voluntary recall for the medications because of potential problems with an ingredient in them. 
CVS Nasal Spray Recalled Due To Microbiological ContaminationA brand of nasal mist is being voluntarily recalled due to a microbiological contamination, which could be life-threatening in some cases.
FDA Approves Treatment For Period Pain Faced By 200 Million WomenThe FDA has just approved a new treatment for a condition that feels like "tiny people skating on razor blades in your stomach," according to millions of women.
FDA Signals Plan Where Soy, Almond Drinks Won't Be Allowed To Be Called 'Milk'Soy and almond drinks that bill themselves as "milk" may need to consider alternative language after a top regulator suggested the agency may start cracking down on use of the term.