Study: Even A Half Hour Of Exercise, 4 Times A Week Improves Heart HealthThose with better cardio-respiratory performance had a 50% reduction in risk of dying over those who had poor cardiac performance.
Low Muscle Density Increases Risk Of Hospitalization For SeniorsDo you want to stay out of the hospital? Maybe you should exercise more often.
5 Surprising Mental Benefits Of ExerciseExercise is proven to have both physical and mental health benefits. Sian Beilock, author of "How The Body Knows Its Mind" from sister company Simon And Schuster shares five surprising mental benefits of exercise.
Women Should Lift WeightsThere was a time when women were told not to lift weights. That can be forgotten.
Household Chores Have Health BenefitAccording to a new study, even light physical activity around the home reduces the risk for disability in older adults.
App Allows People To Raise Money For Charity While Working OutIf your New Year's resolution involves running, cycling or walking, there's an app for your phone that might help maintain the motivation and raise money for charity in the process.
Commit AppThe Commit app gently nudges you to help you reach your goals.
How To Beat The Winter Blues And Avoid Cabin FeverWinter is all fun and games…until after New Years’ Eve.
The Best Pace For A Healthy WalkPeople should be walking 3,000 steps in 30 minutes to get meaningful exercise from walking.
Coffee May Reduce Risk Of Alzheimer'sIt is one of the most widely quoted studies related to coffee consumption.
Runtastic Six Pack AppRuntastic Six-Pack is an abdominal training program that walks you through over 50 workouts - from crunches to core twists - with adjustable difficulty.
Local Author Pens Book Explaining There Is Such Thing As Hitting The Gym Too HardA local author and exercise physiologist has written a new book highlighting a serious medical condition that can be brought on by overly-strenuous exercise.
Five Steps To Reducing Risk Of Stroke In WomenA study of over 32,000 women has been released that takes a look at what can be done to reduce the incidence of stroke.
Get In Shape For Summer All WinterYou have six months before April 15. If you start to exercise and diet now, you'll be feeling more fit by bathing suit season.
Scenic Strut Along Boathouse Row Draws 500 SeniorsPCA hopes the Senior Strut might spur older adults to join or form walking groups, because walking increases blood flow to the heart, lungs and brain that can put you in a good mood and lower stress.