Advances In Healthcare TechnologyThere are entrepreneurs out there who are working to develop technology revolving around the smart phone to help with healthcare.
Disruption In Healthcare May Be For The BetterWhen people talk about the changes in healthcare, words like transformation and innovation are thrown around. As a patient, that sounds pretty good. But another word, one that is more foreboding, is also being used - it is disruption.
Medical Records PrivacyBy law, how confidential is your medical information? Not as confidential as you may think.
The Future Of MedicineThanks to electronic medical records outputting data at an unprecedented rate and volume, databases for studies can now number in the millions. There are advantages and disadvantages as to how this might influence patient care and treatment.
The Back Up Plan For Electronic Medical RecordsLast week's storm challenged many hospitals because this was the first time a major storm hit hospitals along the east coast with electronic medical records playing a key role in patient care. There was a backup plan in place.
The Benefits Of Computerized Medical RecordsThere are many arguments for and against the computerization of medicine.
The Effect Of Electronic Medical Records On Healthcare Costs According to a report in the journal <em>Health Affairs</em>, computerized patient records are unlikely to cut health care costs and may actually encourage doctors to order expensive tests more often.
The Impact Of Computers On Health CareThe use of computers in the health care industry may mean that Information gained from the compilation of patient data and the ability for doctor’s to communicate with one another could revolutionize the way care is provided.
Electronic Medical Records May Improve The Quality Of HealthcareElectronic medical records may improve the quality of healthcare by giving doctors data in their own files that they can evaluate and analyze.