Being Annoying At Work Could Cost YouAfter pointing out a behavior that is grating, an office has the right to expect a worker will knock it off.
Forcing Sick Employees To Stay HomeCan a company force a sick employee to stay home?
Conforming To Employers' Dress Code May Cost EmployeeAn employer can require an employee to pay for clothing that meets the dress code, but not a uniform. Here's the difference.
Interns Can't Sue For Sexual HarassmentSince unpaid interns are not employees, they can’t sue for sexual harassment - with a few exceptions.
Taking Your Legal Gun To Workif you have, or are planning to get, a permit to carry a concealed weapon, does your employer have the right to tell you you can’t carry it to work?
Dating On The JobWhile clocking out before getting it on seems like common sense, dating at work is relatively rampant and though not illegal, not encouraged.
Summer Jobs For Kids Must Abide By Child Labor LawsFor those enterprising youth looking for a summer job, there are some child labor laws that you do need to keep in mind.
Employment Discrimination Laws Apply Not Just To Race But Also ColorMany employers don't realize that there is, in fact, a difference between race and color - and it’s a discrimination lesson companies are learning the hard way.
Polygraph Test Not A Legal Requirement For Most JobsCould a polygraph test hurt your chances of getting a job?
Men Take Little Time For Paternity Leave What the law allows, and the amount of time men actually take for paternity leave are two different things.
Can Potential Employer Require Personality Test?Some employers conduct personality tests before hiring someone. Is that legal?
Don't 'Quit' Your Day JobWhen people hear the phrase “constructive discharge” they think it refers to a nice amicable way to get fired. It's actually the opposite.
Workplaces Must Be Accessible To Employees With DisabilitiesUnder federal law, an employer that is not a commercial facility or a public accommodation is NOT required to make its facilities accessible - until an employee requires it.
Who Gets Severance?Unless you have an employment contract or are party to a collective bargaining agreement, your company doesn't owe you severance, but they may still pay.
Suing Your Employer While Still EmployedCan you sue your current employer while you're still employed?