2021 Election: New Jersey, Philadelphia Ballot Question ResultsYes or no, the voters spoke loud and clear.
'We're Coming After You': Philadelphia Elections Officials Still Receiving Death Threats Following 2020 Presidential ElectionPhiladelphia’s three city commissioners have all received death threats since last election.
Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro Sues To Block GOP Election SubpoenaPennsylvania’s attorney general sued Thursday to block a Republican-approved subpoena to state election officials in what Republicans call a “forensic investigation” of last year’s presidential election, spurred on by former President Donald Trump’s baseless claims that he was cheated out of victory.
Bipartisan Election Bill Introduced In PennsylvaniaBipartisan legislation to try to fix disputed or gray areas of Pennsylvania's election law was introduced Friday in the state Senate, after more than a year of lawsuits, partisan bickering and legislative stalemates inflamed by last year's presidential election.
GOP Lawmakers Vote For Subpoena Seeking Voter InformationRepublicans in the Pennsylvania Senate prepared Wednesday to test how far they can go in pursuing what the GOP calls a “forensic investigation” of last year’s presidential election, as Democrats accused them of helping perpetuate the “big lie” of baseless claims that former President Donald Trump was cheated out of victory.
In Election Fraud Quest, Pennsylvania GOP Seeks Details On Who VotedRepublicans in Pennsylvania’s Senate pursuing what they call a “forensic investigation” of last year’s presidential election said Tuesday they plan to subpoena records that detail who voted, including their driver’s license number and the last four digits of their Social Security number, and whether they voted by mail or in-person.
Senate Republicans Start Election 'Investigation' In PennsylvaniaRepublicans in Pennsylvania's state Senate held their first hearing Thursday in what they call a “forensic investigation” into last year's presidential election, an underwhelming affair that Democrats nevertheless say is an extension of a national campaign to attack voting rights following former President Donald Trump's loss.
US Senate Race In Pennsylvania Takes Personal TurnThe Republican primary for Pennsylvania's U.S. Senate seat turned personal Wednesday, as real estate developer Jeff Bartos slammed rival Sean Parnell for allegations related to his contentious divorce and child custody dispute.
Pennsylvania Election Audit Plan 'Disgrace To Democracy,' Gov. Tom Wolf SaysWolf’s administration has discouraged counties from cooperating.
What Do Election Results Mean For A Second Stimulus Package?Today's stock market gains come despite all the election uncertainty, but may suggest optimism for a second stimulus package down the line.
Pete Buttigieg: Americans Will See 'Definition Of A Good Economy' If Joe Biden Wins 2020 ElectionWhoever wins the presidency will face dual challenges of reining in the pandemic and rebuilding the economy.