PA Voters Being Asked If They Want To 'Open Door' To Eliminating Homeowner Property TaxesCurrently, state law caps the property tax relief local taxing authorities can allow homeowners.
'F-Bomb' Used Roughly 2.6 Million Times A Day Online In 2016: StudyThe “f-word” was used nearly a billion times online in 2016, a new study has found.
Zeoli Show Log 12.14.16Rich discussed Democrats trying to swing the election by swaying electors not to vote for Donald Trump, Joy Behar's political commentary about the Constitution and Donald Trump's remark about 'no chain of command'. He also discussed interest rate increases, sanctuary cities and more. Rich gave away tickets to Rogue One at 5:20pm.
Former President George W. Bush Doesn't Vote For Trump Or HillaryFreddy Ford says the most recent Republican president voted "none of the above for president and Republican down-ballot."
Celebrities Get Out The Vote On Election Day 2016Many celebrities voted today, taking to social media afterwards to encourage others to get to the polls.
Philly DA Office Investigating Reports Of 'Voting Irregularities' At The PollsMore than 85 election complaints have been called in but at this time officials say there have been no confirmed cases of voter fraud.
Trump-Pence? Clinton-Kaine? How About Merriam-WebsterMerriam-Webster compiled a list of the 58 words that Americans went online to look up during this unprecedented US presidential campaign.
Hundreds Flock To Susan B. Anthony's Grave On Election DaySince early voting commenced in October, voters have paid their respects to Anthony by decorating her tombstone with 'I Voted' stickers.
Study: Americans Dealing With Election StressAccording to the American Psychological Association, the election had a lot of Americans feeling stressed out.
U.S. Markets Hold Their Breath On Election DayWall Street, like the rest of America, is nervously waiting for the wild and crazy 2016 election season to finally come to a close.
Tim Kaine Ends Up Second In Line Behind 99-Year-Old VoterThe Virginia senator was beaten to the polls by 99-year old Minerva Turpin.
Clinton, Trump Sprint To Finish In Final Campaign AppealsThe candidates rallied voters late into the night.
Problem At Polls? There Is Help For ThatThe Election Protection hotline is up and running and hundreds of volunteers have been trained are ready to deal with voter problems on Tuesday.
Election Preview: Congressional Races Across Philly SuburbsThere are a handful of Congressional races in the Philadelphia suburbs on Tuesday.
Pennsylvania Voters To Decide Who Replaces Kathleen Kane As Attorney GeneralPennsylvanians will vote for a new attorney general; two candidates out of Montgomery County vying to replace the disgraced Kathleen Kane.