School District In Texas Approves Paddling To Punish StudentsThe board of trustees for a Texas school district has reinstated corporal punishment.
Debate Over PAARC Test Grows In New JerseyAs New Jersey students gear up for a second year of PARCC testing next week, parents who are opting their kids out are becoming more visible.
Philadelphia Charter Hands Over Tracking Student Progress To Mission ControlA Philadelphia charter school is borrowing a term from NASA, but it's got nothing to do with space travel.
Philadelphia Charter School Embraces Black History All Year LongBlack History Month is an everyday event for students at West Philadelphia's Harambee Institute of Science and Technology Charter School.
Phila. To Be Part Of Groundbreaking National Program To Improve School AttendanceThe city was chosen because of what it's already doing.
Study: More Attractive Women Get Better Grades From College ProfessorsAccording to researchers at Metropolitan State University in Denver, college professors on average give higher grades to more attractive women.
Philadelphia Cyber Security Instructor Enjoys Cracking The Case“It may take days or weeks to arrive at a finding, and it may not even be a consequential part of the broader case. But when you find the critical nugget that helps ‘crack the case,’ it’s an awesome and rewarding ‘high-five’ moment,” says Philip Hagen.
Psychology Professor Advocates For Self-Directing And Prioritizing“Learning how to prioritize and how to self-direct also are incredibly important. There are so many things to do in a day, you need to determine what truly needs to be done and make sure it actually gets done,” says Dr. Buskirk-Cohen.
Philadelphia CEO Suggests You Empower The Team Around You“You have to be focused on making sure that everyone around the table feels that they are heard. Your job is to empower the team,” says Noreen Beaman.
Continuing Education Is Helpful When Seeking Employment In Philadelphia“Getting an additional education and certifications help us find the perfect fit for candidates,” says Alex Griffin.
Philadelphia CEO Says Degrees Show A Long Term Commitment“The HR people like to see a degree because it shows that the applicant can set and achieve a long range goal,” says Christopher Porter.