New Jersey Wants Lawsuit From Ebola-Quarantined Nurse TossedState lawyers said in the response to Kaci Hickox's federal civil rights lawsuit that health workers acted with the public's safety in mind when they had her quarantined.
Zeoli Show Log 10.29.15Rich discussed the Republican debate, Ted Cruz's rant about the media, women getting surgery to look good in yoga pants and live tweets ruining live television. He also discussed Chris Christie's fantasy football comment, Susquehanna changing mascots and The View attacks Carly Fiorina. Rich spoke with Dr. Mazz during a special debate edition of Ask The Doctor.
Nurse Saying She Was Unlawfully Detained Over Ebola Scare Suing ChristieGovernor Chris Christie and members of his administration ordered her to be quarantined once she returned to the US.
South Jersey Woman Hospitalized After Trip To West Africa; Does Not Have EbolaBottom line: there is no risk to the public. "Malaria presents with flu like symptoms," Funaro continued. " The woman was symptomatic with a fever only, did not have any other symptoms, and it is not spread person to person."
She Spent 10 Weeks In Liberia Fighting Ebola; A Philadelphia Doctor Shares Her Story Back HomeDr. Patricia Henwood spent a total of 10 weeks in Liberia. First in Bong County, an epicenter of the outbreak for five weeks beginning in October, and then another five weeks beginning in January as the epidemic slowed.
Worker's Comp Protects Employees - And EmployerEmployees and employers are governed by workers compensation law which is a no fault system.
Children's Hospital of Philadelphia Hosts Ebola Education WorkshopCHOP is one of several pediatric hospitals in the United States designated to provide medical care to someone who possibly contracts the Ebola virus.
2 Hospitals Become First In Pa. Outside Of Philadelphia To Be Designated Ebola Treatment CentersThe U.S. Department of Health and Human Services last month included the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania and Children's Hospital of Philadelphia among an initial group of 35 designated hospitals across the country.