Walmart To Stop Selling E-cigarettes Following Vaping-Related Illnesses, DeathsThe nation's largest retailer said Friday that it will complete its exit from e-cigarettes after selling through current inventory.
FDA Opens Criminal Probe With Big Increase In Vaping-Related Lung IllnessesSeven people have died and the CDC expects that number to increase.
Flavoring Ingredient Found In E-Cigarettes Can Potentially Cause Cancer, Researchers SayA flavoring ingredient that can potentially cause cancer has been found in high levels of e-cigarette liquids and smokeless tobacco products by researchers at Duke Health.
Delaware Health Officials Investigating 3 Potential Cases Of Vaping-Related Lung DiseaseAs of Sept. 6, there are 450 cases nationwide of lung illnesses associated to the use of e-cigarettes products, including devices, liquids, refill pods, and cartridges.
FDA Investigating 127 Reports Of Seizures, Fainting Or Tremors Possibly Related To VapingThere may be a hidden danger related to vaping.
'We Know It's Highly Addictive': Health Officials Warn Poisonings Being Linked To E-cigarettesFederal health officials say more than 3.5 million teens use e-cigarettes.
'Way Easier To Prevent Than It Is To Stop': Nationwide Push To Raise Legal Age To Buy Tobacco, Vaping Products To 21More states are raising the legal age to buy tobacco and vaping products from 18 to 21.
Record 1.3 Million High School Students Vaping Nicotine, Report FindsThere are growing concerns about the number of teenagers who vape.
FDA Cracks Down On Sale Of E-Cigarettes To MinorsThe agency has sent out more than 1,300 warning letters and fines to retailers and online shops caught selling to minors.
Teen Develops 'Wet Lung' After Vaping For 3 Weeks, Doctors SayA teen in Pennsylvania had to be placed on a breathing machine after doctors say she developed "wet lung" from vaping.
Blowing Smoke? E-Cigarettes Might Help Smokers QuitPeople who used e-cigarettes were more likely to kick the habit than those who didn't, a new study found.