Officials Unveil 3-Year Plan To Make Philadelphia Streets SaferThe plan is called Vision Zero and Mayor Jim Kenney admits it sounds lofty but he says, that's where the plan comes in.
New Technology Looks To Prevent Sleeping Behind The WheelSeveral automakers and companies are offering systems designed to detect and correct the problem of falling asleep at the wheel.  
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Self-Driving Cars Could Be Here Sooner Than You ThinkBy the end of the year, some driverless cars will be on the highways.
Puffy Coats Keep You Warm, But May Make You Less Safe Behind The WheelThat bulky jacket may interfere with how well your seat belt works, says AAA Mid-Atlantic spokeswoman Tracy Noble.
Poll: 66 Percent Of Drivers May Be Distracted While Driving Through Parking LotsThe National Safety Council poll found 66 percent of drivers would make phone calls while driving.
Official: It's Smart Phones, Not Coffee, Distracting DriversThe measure made headlines last month when news reports focused on coffee as a possible banned item under the bill.
Driving While Distracted: Is The Textalyzer The New Breathalyzer?Lieberman says his measure would focus on usage over content.
This City Has The Nation's Safest DriversThe rankings are adjusted for population density.
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