Zeoli Show Log 08.07.15Rich discussed the Republican Debate, Jon Stewart's final goodbye and a twelve year old's special carry-on item. Rich spoke with Dr. Katie about legionnaire outbreak, the Plague returning and the CDC's desire to push back the start of the school day. Consultant Roger Stone and Operations Manager Andy Bloom recapped the Republican debate.
Operating Under The Influence Has Broad Definition
Highball AppHighball lets you collect and share cocktail recipes and customize them to your tastes.
Fatty Liver Caused By Alcohol And DietFatty liver disease is a dangerous excess of fat built up in the liver. We see the problem in people who drink too much alcohol and also in people who are overweight.
Signing A Contract While DrunkIf a person signs a contract while drunk, can that contact be enforced?
Getaway Guide: Memory-making Bars Around The WorldEvery barroom has a story; it's just that some are better than others. Let's take a tour of a few favorites, both near and far.
Young Viewers Influenced By TV Ads That Glorify DrinkingA growing number of adolescents are drinking and drinking to extremes in part because of the message in advertisements.
Bud Light: Sorry For Saying It Removes 'No' From VocabularyAnheuser-Busch is apologizing for ad copy that appeared on bottles saying Bud Light removes the word 'no' from drinkers' vocabulary.
Study: Silver Screen Depictions Of Alcohol Could Impact Teen Drinking HabitsTeens frequently exposed to movies featuring liquor consumption were apparently twice as likely to have alcohol-related problems in real life.
Drug And Alcohol Abuse WidespreadTwenty-two million Americans have a substance abuse problem and there is no doubt that alcohol can be a drug of choice.
Research Claims Pennsylvania, Delaware Among States That Drink The MostIf you’re still recovering from St. Patrick’s Day two days after the fact, you’re not alone. At least not in the Philadelphia region.
Hangover Cures AppLoaded with more than 40 supposed cures for that throbbing head, the Hangover Cures app will also answer some common questions about recovery.
Regulating Alcohol AdsWhat are the legal limits on alcohol advertising? Fewer than you think.
Using A Fake ID Could Result In Jail TimeGetting a fake ID is kind of a rite of passage - but let’s take a minute to talk about the penalties of getting caught.
Alcohol Leads From Depression To SuicideWhen a person is suffering from severe depression, drinking can lead that person to committing suicide, when he otherwise might not.