US Students Discover UK CollegesAccording to <em>The Washington Post</em>, the number of US undergraduates at British schools rose 30% in five years to more than 3500 students, and in 2010, applications increased by 17%.
Commitment To Hispanic EducationOne in five public school students is Hispanic. In October, a summit was hosted by the White House Initiative on Educational Excellence to deal with the dropout rate and related issues.
Let's Speak English“Let’s Speak English,” a program now being offered at eleven branches of the Free Library of Philadelphia, offers conversation English classes to immigrants.
The Boston PlanAn article about turnaround schools in Boston describes how everyone involved –teachers, parents and students-- has been “addicted to progress".
How Boys Learn BestResponding to concerns that boys are falling behind, a new study offers data on the best ways to teach boys, suggesting practices applicable to schooling anywhere.
Parenting From Behind Bars“Daddy and Me” is a literacy course in which eight prisoners record books for the kids they left behind. The program is inexpensive and deserves to be replicated.
Spotty History, Good LiteratureIt turns out that poet Henry Wadsworth Longfellow was an accomplished borrower, taking content and themes for “The Song of Hiawatha” from Michigan’s Ojibwe Indians among others.
Art SpeaksArt Speaks is an opportunity for every single fourth grader in the Philadelphia public schools to travel to major art museums as part of their curriculum.
Blind College Students Shut Out OnlineCollege web pages are widely inaccessible to blind students at 183 colleges surveyed and many have no centralized way to ensure that online courses comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act.
How US Students Rank InternationallyThe Programme for International Student Assessment, the PISA test, compares educational levels across nations.
Online Cross Cultural ConnectionsConnect, a ten-week program of facilitated online discussion among students from Western and Muslim countries, is growing in popularity.
Need A Job? Check Out The FedsWe all know people looking for work and among the most disappointed about being unemployed are college grads. Tell them that the federal government may be the best place to get a job these days.
Are Big Time College Sports Beneficial?The number of televised football games on Saturday afternoons rose from only 2 in 1983 to 29 last year reports Charles Clotfelter in a commentary piece in <em>The Chronicle of Higher Education</em>.
Student Tracking Systems Raise ConcernsRadio tracking identification has been used for years to monitor cattle and now is being utilized by some school districts to track student attendance.
New Words In EnglishThe complete Oxford English Dictionary online will debut this December but you can expect new words will be added each year.