The Danger Of Energy DrinksThe Canadian legislation is looking at prohibiting energy drinks from being marketed to children.
How Celebrity Health Can Impact Our OwnOur fascination with celebrities allows physician educators to use these unfortunate incidents to help others.
Midwives Gaining In Popularity In United StatesThe Journal of Midwifery and Women's Health is a major source of information for nurse midwives here in United States.
Self-Inflicted Injuries On The Rise In Teens And Young AdultsThere is no doubt that our teens and young adults are under greater pressure now than perhaps they have been in decades.
Reducing Your Risk For Atrial FibrillationAtrial fibrillation is a very serious cardiac issue.
Be Wary Of Online Doctor ReviewsDon't look now, but doctors are beginning to realize the ways they can build their online reputation.
Location And ObesityThe more we study obesity and health issues, the more we are learning that where you live can have a direct impact on how you look at how you feel.
Avoiding Joint Pain With ExerciseIf you want to avoid joint problems as you get older, it might make sense to exercise more when you're younger.
Unconventional Treatment For Depression And Bipolar DisorderDepression and bipolar disorder are two very serious mental health issues in this country.
Importance Of Medicare For Elderly PatientsThere is no doubt that Medicare provides tremendous benefits to the elderly.
Preparing For Patient Safety In HospitalsIt is a sad reality that many hospitals have to prepare for potential shootings which could be directed at physician's nurses and patients.
University Study Uses MRI To Track How Toddlers LearnThere have been many studies about toddlers and learning over the years and some of the most interesting has been from Vanderbilt University.
Is Your Teen Taking Risks With Their Food Allergies?Teenagers are known to be risk-takers and in some cases they think they are immortal.
Information Overload: Understanding Your Medications BetterEach year the FDA gets about 100 new drug applications, and there are usually about 100 new drugs or expanded usages for them.
Good News In Battle Against ObesityIt appears that the message to avoid sugar-sweetened beverages may be getting through.