Chiesa Tapped To Oversee NJ Takeover Of Atlantic CityA familiar face from the Christie Administration will be in charge of overseeing Atlantic City's finances under a state takeover approved last week.
Atlantic City Seeks $100M From Airport Sale To Water UtilityCash-strapped Atlantic City thinks it has found a way to pay off debt while fighting off a threatened state takeover.
AC Mayor Updates Residents On Efforts To Avert State TakeoverThey're less than a month into an almost 5 month process. So there's not a lot of concrete progress to report. Guardian indicated changes made to date, including paring down the payroll a great deal.
Chris Stigall, Reporter Analyze Christie's Hostility Toward ACAmy Rosenberg from the Philadelphia Inquirer attempts to explain why Chris Christie is so angry at officials in Atlantic City.
Atlantic City Working On Plans To Address Financial ShortfallOfficials are working on contingency plans when, or if, Atlantic City runs out of money early next month.
Christie: State Won't Loan Atlantic City MoneyChristie said at a news conference Tuesday that the state won't loan the city money.
Christie Rejects AC's Bid For Short Term BailoutA day after the mayor of Atlantic City vowed to shut down all but essential services without an immediate infusion of state funds, Governor Chris Christie suggested the mayor should, in effect, get with the program.
"Partnership" Could Put Atlantic City Under State Control For 5 YearsThe deal comes after a year-long consultant's study, results of which were submitted to Christie last week. Many of those recommendations are expected to be included in the bill to be considered by the legislature.
Mayor Of Atlantic City: Christie's Chief Of Staff Is Out Of ControlAtlantic City Mayor Don Guardian accused Regina Egea, Governor Chris Christie's Chief of Staff, of conspiring to organize a state takeover of Atlantic City.
Atlantic City Says Hoped-For Federal Grant Should Avert Fire Department LayoffsThe city's mayor says he plans to seek a federal grants to cover the cost of keeping the fire department fully staffed.
Atlantic City Mayor Hopes New Federal Program Will Brighten Prospects for UnemployedA number of job training programs are now in place, but they only go so far, according to Atlantic City mayor Don Guardian.