Training Your Dog Is Good For Both Of YouTraining your dog is truly worth the time spent.
Housebreaking Your Dog
Training From Your Dog's PerspectiveIf you want to modify or recondition a dog’s behavior, you need to consider the behavior from the dog's perspective.
6 Tips For Owning A Dog In Urban AreasThese 6 tips will benefit any dog owner living in the big city! These do's and don'ts are important to consider for any dog lover.
Dogs Can Be Trained To Overcome Separation AnxietySeparation anxiety is one of the most common of canine behavioral problems. Usually, it can be fixed without professional help.
Training More Than One Dog In A HouseholdHaving more than one dog can be very beneficial for you and your dog. Here's are some training tips when you have more than one.
Break Dog Of HoardingMany of our best friends love to collect or hoard as many toys, bones, treats and morsels of food as they can. It's because they're instinctively nervous.
Stop Dog From Pulling On LeashPulling on the leash can be a problem for many people as they take their dogs out for a walk. It's also a problem for the dog which must be corrected.
Leash Biting Not All Fun And GamesWhile leash biting may seem playful, It’s extremely important to know that your dog's behavior stems primarily from fear, overexcitement or anxiety.
Dogs Are Not HumanExpecting our dogs to act as humans, is fairly widespread among pet owners and it is truly unfair for our dogs. It’s called Anthropomorphism.
Dogs Have EmotionsDogs certainly do have plenty of personality and, like humans, they experience a great deal of emotions like love, grief, fear, sadness, loneliness, pain, excitement, and joy.