Report: Philadelphia Is Facing A Doctor ShortageConsider this: In Pittsburgh, there are 87 patients per doctor. In Philadelphia, there are 258.
Temple Docs Part Of International Study Testing New Way To Treat Stroke Causing Blood ClotsDr. Guillermo Linares, director of Neuro-Interventional Services says Temple Hospital is testing a new procedure.
American Well AppThe American Well app lets you see a doctor on your phone or tablet - and even get short term prescriptions and consultations.
Health: Security Concerns In Wake Of Mercy Wellness Center ShootingThe medical center shooting in Darby has raised new concerns about security at health care facilities.
Trying To Develop More Primary Care PhysiciansWe all know there is a need to have more primary care physicians in the country and the challenge to develop more of them is on-going.
Health: 3D Mammography Better Than Traditional Mammography To Find CancerDoctors are calling it a significant breakthrough in the battle against breast cancer.
Sen. Casey: VA Scandal Highlights Nation's Doctor ShortageStanding before residents at Jefferson Hospital, Casey said a bill he has co-sponsored would remove the current cap on Medicare residency positions, providing 15,000 more slots by 2019.
Doctor's Apologizing For Mistake Could Be A MistakeLast month, Wisconsin followed in the footsteps of 37 other states when it passed what’s become known as an 'I’m sorry' statute.
Hospitals Cut Healthcare-Associated Infections By HalfUnfortunately the bad news is that about 1 in 25 patients experience one of these infections every day.
Study: The 'White Coat Effect' Might Be RealFeeling anxious about that upcoming doctor’s visit? You might want to make sure the nurse -- not your physician -- takes your blood pressure.
Can My Health Insurance Cover My Spouse?Whether or not your health insurance can cover your spouse depends on your specific policy.
Can My Health Insurance Cover My Children?Whether or not your health insurance can cover your children depends on your specific policy.
How Do I Use My Health Insurance When I Visit A Doctor?To maximize the benefits of your insurance policy, you will likely need to choose a doctor from within your health plan’s network.
How Does My Health Insurance Work At The Hospital?The Affordable Care Act requires that all health insurance policies cover 10 essential benefits, including emergency treatment.
Health: Is Your Doctor Googling You?As Health Reporter Stephanie Stahl explains, it's a "procedure" that's causing some controversy.