Daylight Saving Time Can Cause Increased Health Risks, Fatigued DrivingDoctors say the time change can impact sleep patterns, which can cause a variety of health issues.
Doctors Say Time Change Can Impact Sleep Patterns, Cause Health IssuesIt’s just an hour but research shows disrupting sleep patterns can increase the risk for heart trouble.
Spring Forward: Here Are Top Daylight Saving Time FactsThe Monday morning blues may be more rough today after losing an hour of sleep, but bring on the sun! 
What Do Cows Think Of Daylight Savings? 'Not Receptive'Fun bovine fact: Cows do not sleep in long, contiguous segments as do people and some other animals.
Complaining About Change To Daylight Saving Time? You're In The MinorityThe majority of people, 55%, actually aren't disrupted at all by Daylight Saving Time.
Studies Show Increase Risk Of Heart Attack When Clocks Spring ForwardStudies show there are already more heart attacks on Monday's but there's a greater increase, 10 to 14 percent more, after clocks spring forward for daylight saving time on Sunday.
Chaos Of The Clock: Should We Get Rid Of Daylight Saving Time?We’re talking about daylight saving time, a topic that comes with many misconceptions.
Study: Assault Incidents Spike When Clocks Fall BackSleep is linked to everything from mood and productivity to weight and brain power.
Springing Forward Can Set Your Health Back, Studies FindIt is Daylight Saving Time, and changing our clocks may have a negative impact on our health.
Zeoli Show Log 03.10.17On today's show, Rich discussed the real costs of the GOP healthcare bill, Rand Paul's belief that the GOP healthcare bill is dead on arrival in the Senate, and Rep. Maxine Waters' claim that Trump may be impeached because of unsubstantiated stories in a Russian dossier.
Switch Back To Standard Time Can Be Tough Adjustment For SomeIt's that time of year again. We're setting the clocks back to Standard Time. But the adjustment can be challenging for people dealing with sleep issues or insomnia.