Sentencing Today For Former Police Inspector Daniel CastroThe man who wanted to be police commissioner pleaded guilty in connection with one extortion attempt and he was convicted of lying to the FBI about another extortion attempt.
Attorneys Enter Sentence Recommendations For Convicted Former Philadelphia Police Inspector The prosecution and defense have now made their sentence recommendations for convicted former Philadelphia Police Inspector Daniel Castro.
Former Philadelphia Police Inspector Daniel Castro Pleads Guilty To ConspiracyFollowing a trial and mixed verdict in April, former Philadelphia police inspector Daniel Castro has pleaded guilty to a single count of extortion.
Jury Returns Verdict In Trial Of Former Philadelphia Police InspectorA jury returned a verdict in the trial of former Philadelphia Police Inspector Daniel Castro, who earlier this week had an emotional break-down on the stand and admitted to taking part in a series of strong armed extortion attempts.
Jury Deliberations Continue In Police Inspector Daniel Castro's TrialThe jury considering the corruption case against former Philadelphia police Inspector Daniel Castro is having trouble reaching a unanimous verdict on some counts, but they will deliberate again Wednesday morning.
Closing Arguments Heard In Castro Case federal jury in Philadelphia has now heard closing arguments and is deliberating in the case of former Philadelphia police Inspector Daniel Castro.
More Tearful But Defensive Testimony From Philadelphia Cop Charged With ExtortionDaniel Castro, the former Philadelphia police inspector charged with corruption, has completed his testimony in federal court, admitting to taking part in strongarm extortions -- but only after a certain date, and then only reluctantly.
Former Police Inspector Castro Breaks Down On Witness Stand, Admits Role In ExtortionIn stunning and emotional testimony, former Philadelphia police Inspector Daniel Castro admits he took part in a series of strong armed extotion attempts, and later lied about it when confronted by the FBI.