Report: Comcast Canceling Its Time-Warner Cable MergerBloomberg News is citing "people with knowledge of the matter" in its report that Comcast is "planning to walk away" from the deal.
Philadelphia Releases Report on Comcast's Mediocre Customer Satisfaction Rate"Twenty-six percent of Comcast cable subscribers were dissatisfied overall with their cable service," the mayor said.
A Third Center City Skyscraper Not Currently on Planning Horizon, Says Comcast Corp."We're focused on building the Comcast Innovation and Technology Center, and are not currently planning for a third building," says a Comcast spokesman.
Nutter Reviews Accomplishments in Speech to Greater Phila. Chamber of Commerce"I'm pleased to say that Philadelphia is in the best shape it's been in many, many years," Nutter told the business leaders.
Comcast Admits Billing Errors, Says Affected Customers Being CreditedFor Don from Bella Vista, a $9.50 late fee threw him for a loop.
Comcast Readying a Cable TV Guide For The BlindOn-screen television program guides make channel surfing a breeze -- unless you can't see them.
Comcast Enters Hotspot-Sharing Agreement With European PartnersIt's a deal that lets Comcast customers hop on more than 2½ million WiFi hotspots across the UK and Europe for no additional charge.
Comcast Exec Sees Plenty of Donor Dollars Available For Philadelphia Mega-EventsOne of Philadelphia's top movers and shakers says there are more than enough deep pockets in the region to help pay for both a potential visit of the pope to Philadelphia next year and a Democratic National Convention in 2016.
Comcast Exec Tells Senators Merger Will Be Good For ConsumersBut several members of the US Senate Judiciary Committee were skeptical.
Independent Watchdogs Wary of Comcast's Pervasive Donations To PoliticiansComcast says that for its business and its customers, it's critical for the company to be part of the political process.
FCC Divided on 'Net Neutrality' EnforcementThe Federal Communications Commission says it will not appeal a court decision that limits its power to prevent Internet providers from slowing down web sites.