Councilman Speaks Out About Building Collapse Documents ReleasedA city councilman says the newly released documents indicate the demolition work could have and perhaps should have been stopped days before the collapse which killed six people.
Philadelphia City Council, Nutter Still At Odds Over Advertising On City PropertiesCity Council members are accusing Mayor Nutter of foot-dragging on putting advertising on city properties in order to generate some much-needed cash.
Philadelphia Councilman Starts Petition To Change ‘R’ Rating Of ‘Bully’ MovieA Philadelphia City Councilman has started a petition drive to get the "R" rating removed from a documentary about bullying, a film that he says needs to be seen by all high school students.
Philadelphia City Councilman Proposes Neighborhood Improvement ZoneElected officials love their acronyms, and in Philadelphia City Council this week, we learned a new one: the "NIZ" -- for Neighborhood Improvement Zone.
Philadelphia City Council Fails To Override Veto of Parking Tax ReductionsWhen Mayor Nutter vetoed the measure on Thursday, Councilman Jim Kenney found that some of the original 12 "yes" votes had flipped.
Philadelphia City Council Nears Accord On New District BoundariesThe issue is "redistricting" -- the mandate that every ten years City Council redraw its boundaries to reflect population shifts.
Philadelphia Councilman Proposes Slow Reduction in City's Parking TaxParking garage attendants packed Philadelphia City Council chambers today on behalf of their bosses, who were pushing City Council to lower the city's 20-percent parking tax.
Tow Truck Drivers Protest Philly Plan To Take Over ImpoundsMany involved agreed that the city's current system of dispatching private towers to the scene of accidents has problems.

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