South Philly Green Uses Recycled Christmas Trees To Create Green Space For Residents To EnjoySouth Philly Green is one of several organizations collecting trees throughout the month of January.
In Time Of Pandemic, Christmas Tree Shopping In South Jersey Farms Proving To Be Brief Escape From RealityExley Farms says even in a tree shortage, people are coming out in droves.
Philadelphia Streets Offers Christmas Tree Recycling ProgramThe program will run for two weeks starting Jan. 2 through Jan. 12.
$1 Million Social Media Campaign Trying To Convince Customers To Buy Real Christmas TreesThe American Christmas Tree Association says more than three-quarters of American households put up a tree every year, but about 80 percent of those trees are artificial.
It May Be Harder To Find The Perfect Christmas TreeChristmas trees are a commodity that goes through cycles from too few trees to an oversupply.
Toms River Collecting Christmas Trees For Beach DunesIf you’re finally ready to let your Christmas tree go, there is one New Jersey town that wants to give it a beachfront retirement.
Cherry Hill Makes It Easy For Residents To Get Rid Of Christmas TreesCherry Hill Township has a number of ways to recycle that tree, old Christmas lights that don't work, even all those cardboard boxes that have accumulated.
City Announces Dates For Annual Tree Recycling ProgramThe program will begin on Monday, January 5th and run through Saturday, January 17th.
Philadelphia’s Christmas Tree Recycling Program Begins Jan. 6Philadelphia residents can start dropping off their Christmas trees for recycling on Monday, January 6th.
Blog: Uber & Home Depot to Deliver Xmas Trees Thursday
Chauffeuring App 'Uber' Offers Christmas Tree Deliveries on ThursdayFor a total of $135, a netted Frazer Fir, seven to eight feet tall and fixed with a stand, will be delivered from Home Depot to your door.