Bat Reportedly Found In Packaged Fresh Express Salad MixTwo people were recommended for post-exposure rabies treatment after a consumer in Florida reported finding a dead bat in a packaged salad mix, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said Saturday.
E. Coli Outbreak: Throw Out Recalled Soy Nut Butter, CDC UrgesA multistate E. coli outbreak linked to now-recalled soy nut butter products is continuing to make people sick, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said Thursday.
Early Information Shows Pennsylvania Leading Nation In Lyme Disease CasesThe Centers for Disease Control released preliminary figures this past week, which showed more than 12,000 cases of tick-borne lyme disease in the Keystone State.
New Data From CDC: Grim Outlook On Opioid EpidemicThe opioid epidemic has been sweeping through the country and the Philadelphia region.
CDC Official: 'Minimal Risk' From Antibiotic-Resistant Bug Right NowPennsylvania and CDC officials updated reporters Tuesday afternoon.
Study Finds High Levels Of Hormone Disruptors In People Who East Fast FoodThe CDC says people who eat fast food may have higher levels of hormone disrupters in their system that can be harmful, especially to women and children.
Stopping Zika: Should We Be Handing Out Condoms At Airports?In a statement, a CDC official was noncommittal about the idea of handing out condoms at airports.
Alarming New HIV Predictions Released By CDCThe US Centers for Disease Control recently released alarming predictions on the number of HIV infections.
Pregnant Women Seek Reassurances About Zika Virus After Trips To Affected CountriesMany doctors are fielding calls, especially from expectant mothers, who recently traveled to the warm climate countries named on a CDC list.
CDC Ranks Sleep-Deprived StatesExperts say for good health, adults need at least seven hours of sleep each night.
CDC Urges Women To Avoid Alcohol Unless They're On Birth ControlMillions of women may be putting their developing babies at risk of fetal alcohol syndrome, according to the CDC. Because of that, it is now advising all women between the ages of 15-44 to avoid alcohol completely if they are not using birth control.
Deaths Related To Heart Failure Are On The RiseThe CDC said the steady upward pattern started as early as 2012.
CDC Aims To Increase Number Of Tweens Receiving HPV VaccineThe Centers for Disease Control is on a mission to increase the number of boys and girls getting the HPV vaccine to prevent cancer.
Survey: 99 Percent Of Contact Lens Wearers Engage In At Least 1 Bad HabitDoctors say contact lens wearers who do not take care of their lenses are at serious risk for eye infections.
Report: More Than 4 Million Admit To Driving DrunkAccording to the CDC, during 2012, more than 4 million people admitted to driving drunk in the preceding 30 days.