CBS3 Mysteries: Robert Ucciferri's 2002 Good Friday Murder Still Haunting Family 20 Years LaterRobert's brother Louis and daughter Kristina sat down with CBS3 Mysteries more than 20 years after he was shot and killed.
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CBS3 Mysteries: Father Of Man Who Marked Grim Milestone For Philly Wants Son To Be Remember More Than NumberIn a city rocked by violence, Stengel's killing on Black Friday 2021 marked a shattered record in Philadelphia.
CBS3 Mysteries: Search Continues For Donald Whitingham, Accused Of Killing 16-Year-Old Kahlief Myrick Outside Southwest Philly 7-ElevenPolice say Donald Whitingham waited for Khalief outside the store where he fatally shot him in cold blood.
CBS3 Mysteries: Philadelphia Police Release New Video In Jhalil Shands' April 2021 MurderThe family requested CBS3 show only a very small portion of it.
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CBS3 Mysteries: Veteran Doe Helps Delaware County ID Man Found In Ridley Township Creek In 1978For decades, investigators had no idea what his name was until a North Jersey woman came forward.