Cops: Cat Shot With Crossbow In Burlington CountyDelanco Police say on June 11 they found a cat with an arrow sticking through it.
Pennsylvania Man Admits To Killing Girlfriend's CatTwenty-four-year-old Scott Deater pleaded guilty Thursday to animal cruelty.
Burned Remains Of Cat, 3 Kittens Found In PleasantvilleA janitor found the charred remains of a cat and three kittens in the staff parking lot of Washington Avenue Elementary School Tuesday morning.
For Pets On Halloween, Sweets Are More Trick Than TreatWith Halloween right around the corner, animal experts say it takes planning to keep your pets out of scary situations.
Unwelcomed Gifts From The CatIf you live with a cat who is, at times, out of doors, you may have experienced your feline friend bringing home a dead mouse, bird, or some other 'gift'. Now what?
Chester County SPCA Soliciting Donations For Care Of Kitten Injected With HeroinThe eight-month-old kitten was found Sunday. Its neck was bound by a rope and the animal was bleeding from its face.
Sick Pet May Engage In Head PressingIf you’ve ever witnessed your dog or cat exhibiting a very odd and unusual posture such as staring off or appearing stuck in a corner while pressing the head up against a wall or door. It’s called Head Pressing.
Delco SPCA: Cat Beaten Against Guard Rail In Darby BoroughThe Delco SPCA says they are caring for a cat that was beaten against the guard rail of the Pine Street Bridge in Darby Borough on Sunday.
Local Animal Behaviorist Weighs In After Video Of Cat Saving Boy From Dog Attack Goes Viral
PSPCA Investigates Shocking Case Of Animal Cruelty In GermantownThe Pennsylvania SPCA is investigating a report of animal cruelty in Philadelphia’s Germantown neighborhood.
Cat Tests Positive For Rabies In Camden County A stray cat brought to a Collingswood Veterinarian’s office from has tested positive for rabies.