Philadelphia Banking Executive Gives Advice To Job Seekers“Be willing to work hard, willing to learn and seek out opportunities that stretch your capabilities,” says Michael Carbone.
Philadelphia Executive Suggests Staying Open Minded To New IdeasPatrick Boyle would also encourage people to ask questions and be confident that they can contribute because they have a unique perspective based on their individual life experiences.
Data Security Is Constantly Evolving Says Philadelphia Security Manager“My best advice for those thinking about entering the field is to become a student of data security and compliance, as it is always evolving,” says Chris Bucolo.
Communication Is Important For A Philadelphia IT Business Owner“My education has given me the tools to communicate with senior executives and lower-level employees. Through individual presentations and group projects, I learned how to balance between being a player and a coach,” says Bob Riesenbach.
Healthcare Administrator Shares Career Experience And Advice"As a healthcare administrator, education is constant. A solid foundation, a proven capacity to learn complex concepts and effective written and verbal communication, as well as an understanding of basic organizational behavior."
Home Care President Recommends Staying Steadfast, Persistent, And Diligent“Stay steadfast, persistent and extremely diligent. Always educate yourself, and be curious and open-minded. With the knowledge that you build, utilize it to touch and change lives for the better,” says Chidelu Enigwe.
Philadelphia Language Arts Teachers Believes Patience Is A Necessity“Patience is necessary for both working with students directly and on the backend where the planning takes place. Schedules change, students change, timing changes—patience is the only thing that will get you through those changes,” says Willa Deitch.
Philadelphia VP Uses His Degree To Help Mitigate Risk For Clients“One of the most challenging aspects of helping businesses mitigate the risk of data breaches is staying one step ahead of cyber criminals who are constantly finding new ways of stealing data,” says Kevin Smith.
Philadelphia Development, Construction Industry Continuing To Grow“In the past twelve months, we’ve observed a noticeable amount of growth in the development and construction industry at all levels of the business,” says Cutrufello and Taconita.
Philadelphia Entrepreneur Suggests You Learn About Yourself“Once you know your strengths, and what you enjoy doing, you can step into that role and thrive,” says Eric Griffin.
Psychology Professor Encourages Others To Keep Striving To Learn“My education in a doctoral program helped me learn how to really ask important questions and explore the research that might hold answers to them, as well as design my own research projects,” says Dr. Erica Goldblatt Hyatt.
Philadelphia Teacher Says Teaching Is Next Best Thing To Continuing Education"The best way for a teacher to improve their teaching is usually through the practice of teaching and the professional development that takes place in school," says Dr. Francine Fulton.
Humility, Teachability Are Vital, Says Engineer And Entrepreneur“Humility and openness to being taught are vital, as are a sharp mind, abundant patience and a tolerance for the abstract,” says Jason Garber.
Philadelphia Lawyer Says Cyber Security Making Great Legal Strides“Cyber security and the law is in its infancy. It’s a great time to be entering this area of the law,” says Ted Schaer.
Changing Healthcare System Stresses Importance Of Ongoing Learning“The healthcare environment is constantly changing and this is the constant challenge that leadership must face and embrace,” says Kathleen Burkey.