Too Much Of A Good Thing May Cause Holiday Heart SyndromeHoliday heart syndrome is a direct result of celebrations, the stress that surrounds the holidays and people drinking more alcohol.
Controlling High Blood Pressure May Be A Matter Of Life And DeathWhen it comes down to it, controlling high blood pressure is best done by a team approach.
Women With High Blood Pressure Need To Be Treated...Like MenAbout 35 million of the people with high blood pressure, roughly one half, are women. And, left untreated, it can be fatal.
Oral Bacteria May Be Indicative Of Heart Attack RiskNew research indicates heart patients tend to have higher levels of bacteria in their mouths, but of two types in particular.
Women In Greater Denial When It Comes To Heart DiseaseResearch indicates that women experiencing chest pain wait one and a half times longer than men to seek medical help.
Runners' Hearts Monitored By SmartphoneListen to what a group of German researchers did in their efforts to study the impact marathon running has on the heart.
Heart Attack Study Overlooks WomenA new report suggests that women may be underrepresented in one of the largest ongoing observational studies of US heart attack patients.
Preventive Measures Against Heart Disease And Strokes Are WorkingA recent study found that major advances over the past decade in the treatment and prevention of heart disease and stroke appear to be paying off.
The Challenge To Educate Enough DoctorsThe nation is short on doctors but some schools are expanding admissions and changes are afoot to make educational debt more manageable.
Study: Even Short, Slow Runs Could Help You Live LongerAccording to the researchers, runners were up to 45 percent less likely to die from heart disease or stroke than those who didn’t run at all, and the effects were found regardless of distance, duration or speed.
Emotions Influence HealthDepression, stress, anxiety, and other emotional states really do affect your cardiovascular health.