Patients Turning To Genomic Testing To Beat CancerA growing number of patients are beating cancer with the help of precision medicine.
South Jersey Twins Paving The Way For Cancer ResearchAbout 1,000 walkers and runners are expected for the annual "Miles for Myeloma" this Saturday.
Californians To Take Their Coffee With A Cancer WarningA Los Angeles judge has determined that coffee companies must carry an ominous cancer warning label because of a chemical produced in the roasting process.
'Chemo Bath' Offers New Hope For Women With Ovarian CancerThere is new hope for women with advanced ovarian cancer in the form of a bath.
How To Find Hidden Cancers? Doctors Try Glowing DyesNow, dyes are being tested to make cancer cells light up so doctors can cut them out and give patients a better shot at survival.
3 Cheers: Bucks Co. Cancer Survivor Shares Message Of Gratitude In Midst Of Snowstorm A Bucks County women was full of joy for a snow day that turned out to be quite a milestone for her. In the midst of the storm, she reminded us all the importance of gratitude and perspective.
Researchers: Vitamin D May Protect Against CancerThere is growing evidence vitamin D may help protect against some cancers.
At-Home Breast Cancer Testing Kit Approved By FDAThe 23andMe tests have been approved by the FDA.
Study: Bacon Linked To Causing Cancer
Study: Bacon Linked To Causing CancerDelicious as bacon may be, the popular breakfast food has been linked to causing various types of cancer. 
Study: Eating Nuts Improves Survival Rate For Colon CancerA new study from the Yale Cancer Center has great news about how eating nuts can improve survival rates for certain cancers. 
Eagles' Vinny Curry Reaches Out To Boy Battling CancerEagles defensive end Vinny Curry is the latest on the team to reach out to a Delaware boy who is battling cancer.
Report: Many Philly Teens Are Not Getting HPV Vaccine That Could Prevent CancerHPV vaccination rates are low around the country.
27-Year-Old Woman With Rare Form Of Cancer Dies, Leaves Inspirational MessageHolly Butcher, 27, lost her battle with Ewing sarcoma, a cancer that affects the bones, but she left an inspiring message with her parents that she asked to be released to the public upon her death.
AP Source: Mitt Romney Treated For Prostate CancerFormer 2012 GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney was treated for prostate cancer last year.