New Cancer Treatment Would Prevent Hair Loss, Researchers SayScientists say a newer class of drugs can target cancer without damaging the hair follicle. 
New Experimental Therapy Giving Hope For People With Pancreatic CancerThere's new hope for people with pancreatic cancer, which is usually quickly fatal.
Morning People May Have Lower Risk Of Breast Cancer, Study FindsWomen who said they preferred to get out of bed early were found to have a lower risk of breast cancer than those who stay up late.
Thousands Of Cancer Cases Tied To Poor Diet, Study FindsYour diet may have more impact on your cancer risk than you might think, a new study has found.
Cervical Cancer Could Be Eliminated In Majority Of Countries By 2100, Study SaysNew research says that preventing, maybe even wiping out, cervical cancer is possible by 2100.
FDA Issues Warning Of Deadly Cancer Linked To Breast ImplantsThe FDA is warning about a deadly cancer linked to breast implants.
Baby Poop 'Cocktail' May Help Fight Cancer, Researchers ClaimA team of scientists is claiming that baby poop contains beneficial bacteria that can be turned into a cancer-fighting "cocktail."
Elephants Could Hold Secret To Surviving CancerElephants could hold the secret to surviving cancer.
Dying Man's Letter Of Forgiveness To Pickpocket Becomes International InspirationA dying man has chosen to forgive an alleged pickpocket who spoiled his "trip of a lifetime" in a letter that's receiving global attention.
Judge Allows Lawsuits Claiming Weed Killer Causes Cancer To ProceedA judge has ruled that hundreds of lawsuits claiming "Roundup" weed killer causes cancer can proceed to the next phase in court.
PayPal Tells Customer Her Death Is Breach Of ContractPayPal apparently doesn't believe that death is a good enough reason for their customers to not pay their bills.