Heavy Use Of PA Online Registration In Days Before DeadlineDeadline day, Tuesday, recorded the highest number of users ever: more than 87,000.
Donald Trump: 'It's So Nice The Shackles Have Been Taken Off Me'Donald Trump tweeted Tuesday that the "shackles" had been removed from him.
More Than 450,000 Votes Cast Before Anyone Had Seen Trump's TapeIn 27 states where data have been made available so far, early votes have been cast or absentee ballots returned by at least 455,878 people.
Trump Hints At Voting Irregularities In Philly On Election DayIn Wilkes-Barre Trump also hinted he is concerned about voting irregularities in Philadelphia on Election Day.
Paul Ryan Said He Won't Defend Donald Trump"The speaker is going to spend the next month focused entirely on protecting our congressional majorities," Ryan's spokeswoman, AshLee Strong, said in a statement.
And The Winner Of The Presidential Debate Is... Ken BoneIt's that power outfit: The red cardigan, the white tie, the black-rimmed glasses. People were in love.
Who Won The Town Hall Debate?Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton faced off in the second presidential debate.
Tim Kaine Visits Kids At Philadelphia School, Teaches Hardball PoliticsTim Kaine said he didn't think Donald Trump was a good role model for children.
Hillary Clinton Makes Campaign Stop In DelcoHillary Clinton made a town-hall-style campaign stop in Delaware County.
Expert Weighs In On Reports Regarding Donald Trump's Taxes"I don’t think there is any smoking gun here. It’s what’s written in the law and that’s permitted."
Survey: 7 Percent Of Voters Have Ended A Friendship Over Presidential ElectionThe survey says 70 percent of American voters say that this year’s campaign has brought out the worst in people.
Michelle Obama Stumps For Clinton At La Salle UniversityMichelle Obama stumped for Hillary Clinton this afternoon, one day after Vice President Joe Biden visited Philadelphia on Clinton’s behalf.
Michelle Obama Stumping For Clinton, Pence To Follow The Next DayMichelle Obama is heading to Pennsylvania to campaign for Hillary Clinton.
VP Biden Campaigns For Hillary Clinton At Drexel UniversityIt's all a part of a nationwide "get out the vote" effort.
Social Media Reacts To First Presidential DebateTwitter exploded with commentary as the presidential candidates went head to head in their first debate.