Committee Of 70 Fears Voter Apathy One of Philadelphia's political watchdogs fears that negative advertising for a number of races through the campaign season will prompt many disgusted voters to simply stay home.
Adler, Runyan Cast Their Votes In New JerseyThe candidates in one of the most competitive races in the country have cast their votes. In New Jersey's third district, John Adler and Jon Runyan pulled their respective levers.
Pennsylvania Votes For A New Governor, U.S. SenatorAt the top of the ballot today, Pennsylvania voters will find candidates for governor and U.S. Senate.
New Jersey Votes For National And Local CandidatesKYW's David Madden looks at the ballot in New Jersey.
Races In Philadelphia Suburbs Mirror Nation-Wide ContestsWhen voters head to the polls in the Philadelphia suburbs today they will be casting ballots in some very closely watched Congressional elections.
Candidates Look For An Edge On Election DayOn this election day, both parties are struggling for an edge -- any edge.
First Lady In Town To Rally SupportersFirst lady Michelle Obama has joined her husband's frenetic pace on the campaign trail in the run-up to tomorrow's elections with appearances all over the place, including Philadelphia. She'll be welcomed this evening on the campus of the University of Pennsylvania.
Sestak-Toomey, Corbett-Onorato Focus On Philadelphia Area VotersCandidates for the two big races in Pennsylvania have a busy day of campaigning on this the final day before the election. All four of the candidates are heavily focused on the Philadelphia area.
Local Web Site Has Updated Polling Location DataWith the general election next Tuesday, Philadelphia elections officials are advising voters to make sure they know the location of their polling place.
Murphy, Fitzpatrick Exchange Voter Fraud AccusationsAccusations of voter fraud are flying back and forth in the hotly contested race between congressman Patrick Murphy and his challenger Michael Fitzpatrick.
Report: Uphill Battle For Democrats On Election DayWith 5 days left, some very troubling survey reports are creating a fright night scenario for people in office and those who want to serve.