An Unusual Opportunity To Be Screened For Brain Cancer Comes To PhiladelphiaPhiladelphians have an unusual opportunity to get screened for brain cancer, for free, thanks to a visit from a traveling brain scan unit.
President Obama To Deliver Eulogy At Beau Biden's FuneralPresident Barack Obama will deliver a eulogy in honor of Beau at the mass.
Mayor Michael Nutter Issues Statement On Passing Of Beau BidenMayor Michael Nutter has issued a statement on the passing of Beau Biden.
Health: NJ Woman Among Patients Being Treated With Experimental Therapy For Brain CancerThere's new hope in the fight against cancer after a 60 Minutes story about the polio virus being used to treat brain cancer. A young woman from New Jersey is among the patients being treated with the experimental therapy.
Terminally Ill Woman Admits She's Having Second Thoughts After Making Controversial Decision To End Her LifeMaynard made the confession in a new video released by an advocacy group that is involved in end-of-life choices.
South Jersey Teen Battling Brain Cancer Receives Courage AwardKatie Bednarek, who is battling brain cancer, graduated Friday night from Cherokee High School. Earlier this week, she received a courage award from county freeholders.
Health: Cap Tested Locally For Deadly Brain CancerAbout half of the patients diagnosed with the most common form of brain cancer die within 15 months. That could be changing with a new device that’s helping patients live longer.
TV EXCLUSIVE: Family Says Penn Didn't Protect Researcher Who Died After Working With Dangerous RadiationBarbara Boyer’s first thoughts when she learned her 47-year-old husband Jeff was dying: how to tell the two young daughters he adored.
Stigall Show Log 7.17.13Chris addresses Attorney General Eric Holder's response to the verdict in the George Zimmerman trial, the possibility that Veterans Stadium may have caused cancer in former Phillies, and Keith Olbermann's return to ESPN. He also talks to Congressman Pat Meehan and Tom McGrath from the Philly Post.
NFL Films President Steve Sabol Dies At Age 69NFL Films president Steve Sabol died today at the age of 69.
Health: Man's Best Friend Helping With Brain Cancer Vaccine ResearchDogs help people in a hundred different ways, and scientists now believe they may be the key to finding a cure for a deadly form of brain cancer.