Study: Snack Might Help Avoid Fight With Spouse A quick candy bar may stave off more than hunger. It could prevent major fights between husbands and wives, at least if a new study that used voodoo dolls is right.
Study: Drinking Tequila May Be Beneficial To Those Who Are Overweight Or Have DiabetesA new study suggests that the sugars in the plant used to make tequila may offer health benefits to people who are overweight or have diabetes.
Google Contact Lens Could Be Option For DiabeticsThe idea that all of that monitoring could be going on passively, through a contact lens, is especially promising for the world's 382 million diabetics who need insulin and keep a close watch on their blood sugar.
Diabetics Don't Realize Vision Is At RiskIf you suffer from diabetes or have a family member with the condition, please let them know about the importance of getting regular vision checks.
Metabolic Syndrome Indicates RiskMetabolic syndrome signals someone is at greater risk for heart disease and other problems. Get checked.
Own Your DiabetesTrying to motivate people to take ownership of their diabetes and aggressively attack it to prevent long-term problems has become a major issue in medicine.
Diabetic Lifestyle May Be Healthier All AroundLiving a lifestyle that leads to the control of diabetes can be better than living a careless life and not having the condition.
Diabetics Should ExerciseRegular exercise is one of your best weapons against diabetes, but blood sugar must be closely monitored.
Chef Walter's Recipes For Better Blood Sugar
Hypoglycemia Can Be DeadlyResearchers have found that there is an increased relationship between severe hypoglycemia and death. There is also double the risk of a non-fatal heart attack and stroke.
The Uphill Battle to Control Diabetes