Another Tranquil Day, Heat And Humidity To ReturnFriday will be another get-out-and-enjoy-it type of day!
Weather: Another Lovely Day For The City Of Brotherly LoveThursday will be a great day to do most anything; the same goes for Friday a virtual carbon copy.
WEATHER: Nice Start To The WorkweekSun will mix with clouds today, with highs in the mid to upper 80's for the main bulk of the Delaware Valley.
Weather: A Soggy Start To The WeekAfter a tranquil stretch of conditions, the Delaware Valley is seeing some wet weather this morning.
Weather: Another Hot & Humid Day As Dangerous Heat Scorches The RegionAn Excessive Heat Warning is in effect for Philadelphia and the surrounding suburbs until 8pm
Weather Blog: One More Lovely Day Before The Heat ReturnsIf you enjoyed the comfortable feel of Thursday, then you'll want to savor today as well, because it won't last.
Rainy Thursday, Father's DayThursday is off to a wet start. Sunday is unfortunately looking rather soggy as well.
WEATHER: A More Comfortable WednesdayAs you head out the door on Wednesday morning, it is going to feel noticeably different than in recent days.
WEATHER: Tropical Depression Bill UpdateDespite never being a serious threat in terms of typical tropical hazards (wind, storm surge), Tropical Depression Bill is now dumping flooding rains on the U.S. mainland.
WEATHER: A Steamy, Stormy TuesdayTuesday will be very similar to Monday. The heat and humidity will "stick" around for one more day, and thunderstorms will once again pop up this afternoon.
Wet Weather Sticks AroundAre you ready for more of that June Gloom? It's going to be yet another cool, dreary day across the Delaware Valley.
WEATHER: Heat & Humidity A Thing Of The Past -- For NowThe heat and humidity of recent history is a thing of the past on Wednesday, with highs only reaching the low 70s.
A Cooler But Comfortable ThursdayDespite more clouds and cooler temperatures, today is not going to be a bad day; just not as stellar as yesterday.
Weather Blog: Sogging UpThe rain follow on Monday (computer estimates from half and in to more than an inch) and that should splatter all the expensive lawn additives into the ground, if not washing away a few of the lighter seeds.
Weather: Cool, Damp, And Dreary... But Look Forward To The Weekend!Why are temperatures so chilly all of a sudden? A 'backdoor' front is now to the south of us, allowing an onshore flow to invade the Delaware Valley.