PATCO's CEO Takes To The Rails To Publicize New Train SchedulePATCO's CEO takes to the rails to let riders know about the transit agency's new train schedule that starts this Thursday.
Traffic Bottlenecks Will Persist on Ben Franklin Bridge Into Late OctoberIf you think those maddening lane closures on the Benjamin Franklin Bridge will be gone when everyone returns to work after Labor Day, think again.
Patco Switches Track Reconstruction to Westbound Side of Ben Franklin BridgeSingle-tracking and lane blockages will take place for the next couple of months, this time to replace tracks and railroad ties on the northern side of the span.
Shutdown Of PATCO Train Track Across Ben Franklin Bridge Begins Friday! Riders who have dealt with the headache on Fridays and weekends since February will now have them 24/7, through the end of July.
Highway Officials Clearing Access to Alternative Del. River Bridges as Ben Franklin Project BeginsOne obstacle on the Pennsylvania side of the Walt Whitman is about to disappear.
Patco Admits Little Success So Far in Booking Shuttle Buses During BFB Rail ReplacementThe summer will be critical, as trains will be placed on a single track across the Ben Franklin Bridge for two months, beginning just after Memorial Day.
DRPA: Component To Construction Work Fell From Ben Franklin Bridge Around 12 p.m., a piece of the safety equipment that goes under the rail fell onto I-676 WB where it splits from I-95 NB.
Patco Starting Two Years of Track Work on Ben Franklin BridgeRiders might want to get themselves acquainted with new schedules for the high speed line that take effect this Saturday, because there will be delays.
Ramp To Replace Stairs For Ben Franklin Bridge Pedestrians and CyclistsNowadays, if you take your bike across the south walkway of the Ben Franklin bridge, you'll have to carry it up or down about three flights of stairs at the Camden end.
Phila. Lawmakers Move Old City Zoning Changes ForwardA City Council committee has agreed to relax zoning restrictions in a portion of Old City near the Benjamin Franklin Bridge.
After Veto, Councilman Drops Plan For Huge Billboard Near Vine St. ExpresswayCouncilman Mark Squilla says he lacks clarification on whether a wall wrap on the old Electric Factory building would, as opponents claimed, jeopardize federal highway funding.