More than 1.2M Apples Watches Sold On The First Day Of Pre-Orders, But How Many Of Them Will Get Strapped To A Wrist?More than 950,000 people in the US ordered an Apple Watch -- and Slice Intelligence estimates one in three of them bought more than one Watch.
Early Adopters Have an Eye, If Not a Hand, on Apple Watches, Now on Display in StoresOnline pre-sales began early this morning, with shipping starting later this month. And now, you can make an appointment at select Apple stores to test them out.
Pre-orders Now Being Accepted For Apple's Latest GadgetDon’t expect to see people camped out in front of the Apple Store, though.
Reviewers Weigh In On The Apple WatchApple Watch has been on the wrists of reviewers for a couple weeks now. So, is the device that starts at $350 and reaches $17,000 a winner?
Stigall Show Log 4.6.15
Apple Watch & ResearchKit Raise Privacy ConcernsApple's announcement brought the potential for a healthier future with innovative technology that’s guaranteed to take the world by storm for its practicality and it’s privacy risks.
La Salle Professor On Apple Watch: Just Invention, Not InnovationLa Salle University associate professor from the Department of Integrated Science, Business, and Technology, Bill Weaver, told Talk Radio 1210 WPHT morning host Chris Stigall that the new Apple Watch is far from an innovation and is really just an invention.
Apple Watch Launches In April Apple's new device makes calls, checks email, and lets you use apps. Sounds like an iPhone -- but this touch screen is strapped to your wrist. KYW tech editor Ian Bush reports it comes out late next month.