Stress May Play A Role In Alzheimer's According to new research, stress and personality may influence a person’s lifestyle choices, which could lead to Alzheimer’s.
Stressful Home Life Can Make You SickStressful family situations can lead to elevated levels of stress hormones and the future development of health problems.
Health: Video Games To Fight DepressionThe recent suicide of Robin Williams has many people talking about depression. Now in addition to therapy and medication targeted video games are being used to help with mental health problems.
Health: Local Researchers Find New Connection Between Depression & Parkinson's DiseasePeople newly diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease often struggle with not just depression, but anxiety and fatigue as well according to a new study conducted here in Philadelphia.
Emotions Influence HealthDepression, stress, anxiety, and other emotional states really do affect your cardiovascular health.
Spices Might Perk Up More Than Your Taste BudsForget the caffeine and energy drinks. You might be interested to know that you might do just as well sniffing pleasant odors.
Acupuncture May Alleviate Stress Of A Dental VisitHope for those who suffer from odontophobia - severe anxiety about dentistry.
Stigma Surrounding Mental Illness Limits TreatmentThere is a stigma against mental illness and it can deter people from seeking treatment.
Temple University Professor Uses Flower Petals To HealPlants may be the solution to balancing your system and reducing stress.
Time To ThinkAre you one of those people who looks at a list of emails you have not responded to and feels overwhelmed? Maybe you just need time to think.
Report: Drug Reduces Painful Chemo Side EffectA medication used for depression and anxiety can reportedly be effective in treating chemotherapy-induced pain.