Incoming Council President Sets Aside Cash For New HiresThe lawmaker expected to become the next president of Philadelphia City Council is already laying groundwork for possible new hires.
'Occupy Philly' Protesters Briefly Disrupt City Council MeetingAbout 40-50 members stood and shouted for about ten minutes just as Council president Anna Verna was about to begin the meeting.
Philadelphia City Council Overrides Mayor Nutter's Veto of 'DROP' Pension ProgramMeanwhile, Mayor Nutter vows to keep fighting to abolish DROP outright.
Nutter Writes Council President Verna About 'Troubling Misconceptions' Related To School FundsThe letter states that there is some apparent confusion about last year's 9.9-percent tax hike to help the city's finances and stave off enormous cutbacks.
Philadelphia City Council Holds Hearings On DROPNow that the Philadelphia primary is out of the way, City Council members hope to deal with the controversial DROP pension plan before they take their summer recess.
2nd District City Council Election Decided By Absentee BallotsA review of the paper ballots cast in Philadelphia's primary election continues, but it appears that they will not affect the outcome of one close race.
2 Philadelphia Races Hang In Balance As Primary Election Certification Process BeginsThe official citywide count will begin on Friday, and continue over the weekend and through next Wednesday.
In Philadelphia Council District Primaries, Squilla and Henon WinMark Squilla and Bobby Henon appeared headed toward commanding victories in their respective Philadelphia City Council primary races.
Philadelphia City Council Sets Hearing Date For DROP IssueNine months after Mayor Nutter called for the elimination of the DROP pension perk, City Council is finally set to schedule a hearing on the issue. But its increasingly likely that they'll tweak -- rather than abolish -- the controversial program.

State Finance Agency Criticizes City Council For Not Dealing With DROPThe state agency that oversees Philadelphia's finances is taking City Council to task for not scheduling hearings on the controversial pension perk known as DROP.
No DROP Hearings Yet Because We're Too Busy, Says Philadelphia Council PrezPhiladelphia City Council president Anna Verna denies any footdragging, even though she has yet to schedule a hearing on eliminating the controversial city pension perk known as "DROP."