Asking For A Salary IncreaseAccording to statistics salaries are expected to rise 3% this year. Will yours?
Stock Valuation For An IPOHow do financial experts know how much a stock should cost when a company goes public?
The Mail Order RuleStudies show that one dollar of every ten dollars spent is spent in on-line purchases. Now the law may finally be entering the 21st century as the 'Mail Order Rule' protects consumers.
Celebrities Driving DrunkWhat is it with actors and drunk driving? Don’t they know the legal limits? And don't they have enough money to hire a driver?
Lemon LawsMost lemon laws cover new vehicles that have a defect that substantially impairs the car's value or safety and that cannot be repaired after 3 tries by an authorized dealership.
Tenant's Have No Right To Break LeaseWhen you sign a lease, you are obligated to pay the rent every month for the term of the lease, regardless of why you want to move.
The Risks Of Flying With Your PetCan’t bear the thought of lying on the beach while your beloved companion of the four-legged variety stays in a kennel? If you are considering bringing your pet on the plane with you, you may want to reconsider.
Franchise OwnershipWhen considering the purchase of a franchise, read all the documents associated with the transaction thoroughly.
Weight DiscriminationA New York restaurant and bar is being sued by two waitresses who claim that their bosses forced them to step on the scale at work regularly before they could start waiting tables. Is that legal?
Liability For Car Accidents Of OthersIt may be widely known that if you own a bar and a patron gets into his car drunk and hurts others, you can be sued - but there are other situations as well where you can be held liable for someone else's bad behavior.
Renter's Rights Under ForeclosureWith an estimated 30,000 apartment buildings in foreclosure, many tenants who have been paying their rent regularly find their housing in jeopardy - but there are limited protections.
Work Made For Hire AgreementIf you work in any type of scientific, technical, or creative profession, you may be asked to sign what’s known as a work-made-for hire agreement, in which you give all the rights to your creation to the employer who pays you to make them.
Corporate Policy While Travelling For BusinessIn the wake of the Secret Service scandal remember, when employees travel on business, a company is well within its rights to regulate not just meals and entertainment expenses but the conduct of employees while entertaining.
Found MoneyIf money is deposited in your bank account that is not yours, it’s your legal obligation to give it back.
Unnecessary Roughness In SportsPhillies’ pitcher Cole Hamels has already served Major League Baseball’s suspension for admitting he intentially plunked a player. Do athletes face the risk of criminal charges for their roughness?