Councilman Wants No Hikes For Property Owners Awaiting Tax Appeal DecisionsUnder current regulations, homeowners would have to pay the new -- and possibly higher -- bill and then get reimbursed if they win the appeal.
Phila. Lawmakers Urge Eligible Property Owners To Apply For Homestead ExemptionCity Council members say their own analysis of new property assessments points to the great need for relief measures for those hit hardest by rising property values.
Longtime Northern Liberties Resident Urges City Hall To Cap Taxes Increases Under AVILarry Freedman says when he moved into his mixed unit building in 1986, it wasn't much more than a shell. Now, he's facing a tax assessment that could double his property tax bill.
Fewer Property Owners Than Expected File Informal Appeals Of Property AssessmentsOfficials had expected about 30,000 requests of first level reviews. The Nutter Administration's spin on the lower tally: many people are on board with their new value.
On Day 2 Of Budget Hearings, Council To Grill Office Of Property Assessment On AVIPhiladelphia City Council today gets a chance to grill the Office of Property Assessment, which compiled the numbers behind the new assessments going out that have generated a lot of anxiety in the neighborhoods.
Mayor Nutter's Budget Address Disrupted By Angry ProtestersThe chambers of Philadelphia City Council were packed to the rafters with angry union members as mayor Michael Nutter prepared to unveil his new budget.
Phila. Councilman Says Spending Cuts Could Keep Tax Rate Down to 1 PercentCouncilman Jim Kenney has introduced a plan to cut spending so the property tax rate stays at or below 1.0 percent.
Nutter Launches Series Of Meetings To Answer AVI QuestionsTonight brings two meetings -- the first of dozens expected this month -- staged by the Nutter Administration to reach residents who are confused or upset by their new property assessments.
Mayor Nutter Defends City's New Property Tax AssessmentsIn recent days both city controller Alan Butkovitz and councilman Mark Squilla have claimed that inaccuracies in the AVI assessments exceed the industry-accepted margin of error. But Mayor Nutter begs to differ.
Councilman's Plan Would Help Homeowners Hardest Hit By Property Tax OverhaulSecond District councilman Kenyatta Johnson says his district is among those that will be hardest hit by the move to the so-called Actual Value Initiative ("AVI").
City’s Calculator Helps Homeowners Anticipate Property Tax ScenariosYou may have your assessment, but two major questions are still unanswered: what is the rate on which that assessment will be taxed? And, what (if any) relief measures -- such as a homestead exemption -- will be offered by the city?
Philadelphia Officials Offer Appeals Path for Revised Property AssessmentsIf you have questions about the assessment, you can call the Office of Property Assessment at 215-686-9200, or go to
Proceeding With Property Tax Makeover, Philadelphia Mails Out Revised AssessmentsThe Nutter Administration is mailing out more than 500,000 assessments to property owners -- the first wholesale remaking of property values in Philadelphia in many years.
Katz Thinks AVI Could Send Young Families Packing For The BurbsKatz voiced concern that sticker shock could be in store for young families who bought in to gentrifying neighborhoods. "And if en masse large numbers of them put 'For Sale' signs out, it's going to drive the value of housing down," Katz said.
Taxes Top Agenda For City Council 2013 SessionAlso looming is the continued financial woes of the school district, and the debate over the planned closure of 37 school buildings.