94WIP Twitter Takeover For Eagles Vs. Raiders: Ike Reese
Suicide Watch Week 9: Halfway HomeHey, congrats to those of you who are still with us. You’ve made it through eight weeks, and it’s on to the back nine. Many have failed to make it this far, whether by trusting the wrong quarterback on the road or thanks to a home team letdown, so take second to give yourself a high-five. You earned it.
Fans Still Patient With Chip KellyAfter eight NFL games, Chip Kelly is 3-5. Kelly has had his share of ups and downs through the first half of his inaugural NFL season and Eagles fans are still trying to determine if their team will have long-term success under Kelly.
Chip Kelly Says Quarterback Play At The Heart Of Offense's FailureThe Eagles were supposed to lose games this year, perhaps even more than they won. So far, they're living up to that expectation. The Eagles, no matter how many games they lost, were supposed to be exciting and score points. The last two games have been anything but exciting, and the offense has not generated even one touchdown.
94WIP Twitter Takeover For Eagles Vs. Giants: Hollis Thomas94WIP host and former Eagles defensive lineman Hollis Thomas took over the stations Twitter account for Sunday's Eagles home game against the New York Giants.
WIP Morning Show Decides Banner Is To BlameThe 94WIP Morning Show decides that Joe Banner is the one man most to blame for the sad state of Philadelphia sports.
Jason Kelce: Nick Foles Has The 'Quarterback Leadership You Want'Michael Vick announced on Thurday, while standing next to Nick Foles, that he would not be playing in Sunday's game against the Cowboys. Vick says that while he heals from a hamstring injury, the team is in good hands with Foles.
Suicide Watch Week 7There have only been five teams in the league you can count on for survival. And I mean really count on. They rarely make you sweat, and when they do it’s only a temporary perspiration until they regain control of the game. These teams are the Broncos, Chiefs, Patriots, Seahawks and Saints.
Chip Kelly Discusses Foles Vs. Vick With Angelo Cataldi Whether Chip Kelly, Michael Vick or Nick Foles think there is a quarterback controversy with the Philadelphia Eagles is immaterial. There is a quarterback controversy.
WIP Morning Show Winners And Weasels For October 11th, 2013The 94WIP Morning Show named their Winners and Weasels for the week of October 11th, 2013.
Ruben Amaro Talks About Potentially Platooning Ryan HowardRyan Howard will make $25 million to play for the Phillies next season. The idea of a part-time player making that much money is a difficult one to swallow, especially if you're the person who decided to pay that player $25 million.
Should Philadelphia's 'Major Pro Sports Teams' Group Include The Union?With the firing of Peter Laviolette, Eagles head coach Chip Kelly became the longest tenured head coach in Philadelphia (How many times have you heard that this week?), among the four major sports, of course. If you asked soccer fans in Philadelphia that same question, their answer would be 'John Hackworth.'
Jason Kelce: 'The Philadelphia Eagles Are Going To Win This Game'Jason Kelce knows what this game means to the Eagles, and he thinks they're going to win it.
94WIP Morning Show Winners And Weasels For September 27th, 2013The 94WIP Morning Show announced their Winners and Weasels for the week for September 27th, 2013.
Suicide Watch Week 4: Only A Matter Of Time For The EaglesThis moment was coming. It was only a matter of time. Some might have hoped it wouldn’t arrive as early as week 4, but it’s here. The Philadelphia Eagles are on the wrong side of the largest spread of the weekend, and (spoiler alert) my Best Bet for Survival pick.