Ed Rendell On Pat Toomey's Non-Committal On Trump: 'Pat May Have Gotten The Worst Of Both Worlds With That Decision'Ed Rendell says Pat Toomey made a mistake not coming out clearly for or against Donald Trump, and it could cost him the Senate election.
News, Politics and Entertainment with The Chris Stigall Show | November 7Chris reviewed the end of the SEPTA strike and the FBI's latest announcement concluding the investigation into Hillary Clinton's emails. He talked with talk show host Laura Ingraham at 6:20, Colin Hanna and Michael Bronstein on the Monday Morning Matchup at 7:00 and Al Weaver from the Washington Examiner at 8:20 to preview tomorrow's voting and also to 94 WIP's Ike Reese at 8:00 to review yesterday's Eagle's loss.
Milo Yiannopoulos: Voters Want To Tear Up The SystemMilo Yiannopoulos, from Breitbart News, says even voters that detest Donald Trump want to tear up the political system.
Ivanka Trump: 'We Have Great Momentum Behind Us'Ivanka Trump is confident her father is going to win Pennsylvania and the White House.
Rich Zeoli: Vote Trading Is 'The Craziest Thing I've Ever Heard'Rich Zeoli says the idea of third party supporters trading their votes to stop Donald Trump is crazy.
News, Politics and Entertainment with The Chris Stigall Show | November 4Chris discussed Melania Trump's speech in Berwyn yesterday, the continuing SEPTA strike and the latest discovery involving Hillary Clinton's emails. He talked with economist Chris Butler on Finance Friday at 7:00 to preview today's jobs report, comedian Gilbert Gottfried who will be performing at Helium Comedy Club this weekend at 7:20, Ray Didinger from CSN Philly at 8:00 to preview the Eagles match up with the Giants and Face the Nation's John Dickerson at 8:20 on the final days of the 2016 election.
Rudy Giuliani Demands President Obama Pledge To Not Pardon Hillary ClintonTrump adviser Rudy Giuliani demands that President Obama announce that he will not pardon Hillary Clinton.
NARAL Spox On Protest Of Melania Speech: She Can't Explain Away What Trump Has DoneNARAL's Kaylie Hanson Long criticized Donald Trump's abusive treatment of women, saying Hillary Clinton is the clear choice for President.
Conservative Writer: Clinton Investigations Should Be LinkedAndrew McCarthy from National Review says the FBI should not have separated investigations into Hillary Clinton's use of a private email server and the Clinton Foundation.
News, Politics and Entertainment with The Chris Stigall Show | November 3Chris discussed the Cubs winning the World Series for the first time since 1908, the latest in the presidential election and new reports on the connection between the Clinton Foundation and the Department of Justice. He talked with Andrew McCarthy from National Review at 7:20 about the latest details on the investigation into Hillary Clinton's email server and the Clinton Foundation and Guy Ciarrocchi from the Chester County Chamber of Business and Industry at 8:00 about voting trends in Pennsylvania and what they could mean on election day.
Head Of Conservative Women's Group Expresses Support For TrumpPenny Nance, from Concerned Women for America, explains why she is backing Donald Trump.
News, Politics and Entertainment with The Chris Stigall Show | November 2Chris continued his coverage of the SEPTA strike, the presidential election and the World Series. He spoke with Nate Benefield from the Commonwealth Foundation at 7:00 and Victor Fiorillo from Philadelphia Magazine at 8:00 about the SEPTA strike and to Penny Nance from Women for Trump at 7:20.
Rendell: SEPTA Strike Would Hold Down Voter Turnout In PhiladelphiaFormer Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell says the legislature should consider classifying SEPTA workers as essential and removing their ability to strike.
Former Attorney General Questions Timing Of FBI Letter To CongressAlberto Gonzales questioned the timing of the letter sent by FBI Director James Comey informing Congress that more emails related to Hillary Clinton's email server were discovered.
Former US Attorney: Comey Conducted A 'Fake Investigation'A former United States Attorney, Joe DiGenova, accused FBI Director James Comey of sabotaging the first investigation into Hillary Clinton's use of a private email server.