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Movie Review: Kong: Skull Island

Everyone’s at least heard of King Kong. It was the 1933 original that spawned what eventually grew into a Kong-a line of giant-ape flicks.


Movie Review: ‘Before I Fall’

‘Before I Fall’ is a drama, but like its predecessors, it uses the time-warp device to explore its characters.


Oscar Winners – What’s Next?

With their golden statuettes at home and the adjective, “Oscar-winning,” permanently etched on their resumes, last week’s crowned stars move on with higher profiles and raised pay grades.


Movie Review: ‘Table 19’

Table 19 is every wedding-reception-from-hell anecdote invited to one movie premise.


Movie Review: ‘My Life As A Zucchini’

It’s not that he is a zucchini. It’s that he wants to be called Zucchini.


Weekend Box Office Report: ‘Get Out’ Tops Box Office

Overall, industry-wide totals for Oscars weekend were well below those of last weekend as well as those of a year ago.


The Academy Awards Oscars (Photo by Robyn Beck/Getty Images)

Oscar Pix And Predix: Best Picture

Sunday evening at the internationally televised Oscar ceremony, nine of 2016’s best movies vie for the Academy Award for Best Picture.


Oscar Pix And Predix: Actors

Last time, we handicapped the ladies duking it out for Academy Awards on Sunday evening. Today we turn to the Oscar-seeking gentlemen.


Oscar Pix And Predix: Actresses

With the glitzy, glamorous Academy Awards ceremony just a few days away, let’s take a ladies-first look at the races for Best Actress and Best Supporting Actress.


Movie Review: ‘The Red Turtle’

The animated The Red Turtle is a silent castaway fable that explores our connection to the natural world.


Movie Review: ‘A United Kingdom’

The United Kingdom doesn’t come off so great in the cleverly titled A United Kingdom — about as well as the state of Virginia comes off in Loving.


Movie Review: ‘The LEGO Batman Movie’

The LEGO Batman Movie borrows from the Batman mythology to deliver a lighthearted Batman flick but with comedy and Lego.


Weekend Box Office Report: Split Remains Top Of Box Office

Industry-wide Super Bowl Weekend totals were much lower than those of last weekend as well as those of a year ago.


Movie Review: ‘Rings’

‘Rings’ has a familiar ring to it. That’s because it’s the third offering in the supernatural-horror-thriller franchise launched in 2002.


Movie Review: ‘The Space Between Us’

Well, it’s certainly an aptly titled movie.


Movie Review: ‘The Comedian’

It’s called “The Comedian”, but it’s not a comedy.


Movie Review: ‘Gold’

Not much glitters in Gold.


Movie Review: ‘A Dog’s Purpose’

‘A Dog’s Purpose’ is a family comedy-drama aimed at young kids and dog-owning adults.


Movie Review: ‘XXX: Return Of Xander Cage’

XXX marked the spot-spot-spot for its target audience with enough commercial success to spawn a pair of sequels. So far.


Movie Review: 20th Century Women

So we’ll raise 2-1/2 stars out of 4…


Movie Review: The Founder

So we’ll order 3 stars out of 4.


Movie Review: ‘Split’

‘Split’ is a twisted, breathlessly absorbing psychological horror thriller with elements of the supernatural, written and directed by M. Night Shyamalan.


Movie Review: ‘Paterson’

‘Paterson’ is a week-in-the-life drama, one day at a time, about a city bus driver who writes poetry as an avocation.


Movie Review: ‘Live By Night’

Live by Night is an organized crime drama set in the Prohibition era.


Movie Review: ‘Patriot’s Day’

The first commandment in making a movie about a recent real-life tragedy like the 2013 Boston Marathon bombing is to demonstrate respect for the victims and heroes being depicted.


Movie Review: ‘A Monster Calls’

A Monster Calls is a horror fantasy set in England about coming of age and overcoming loss.


Movie Review: ‘Silence’

It’s about religion, but ‘Silence’ pulsates with violence.


Bill Wine’s Winter Movie Preview

The upcoming Oscar campaign will dominate movie news In January and February, and the most prominent Academy Awards contenders will continue to beckon from multiplex marquees.


Top Ten Movies Of 2016

It’s the end of the year, which means it’s time to glance back and acknowledge 2016’s best movie-going experiences.


Movie Review: ‘Hidden Figures’

Space, race, and the space race.


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